Promises: A 1D Fanfic (Mostly Harry)

Lily was just a normal teenage girl who assumed she was forgotten. Harry was a kind-hearted but troubled celebrity who felt alone and lost. When they met, things changed-- but for the better or the worst? They thought they knew everything. What they didn't know is some promises last forever.


1. Prologue



It was the summer of 2000, the warm, sunny, and beautiful June. I was six years old, with my signature golden pigtails, sparkling, big, brown eyes, and my favorite pink polka-dotted dress. In the the green backyard of my wonderful flat, I was just running around, giggling with my best friend as the sun was shining. "Hazzzzzaaaa!" I squealed as he jumped up from behind and squeezed me, trying to scare me. "Boo!!!" he yelled. My parents smiled as we chased each other around on the grass. "Lily!!!! Watch this!!" Hazza shouted as he failed to do a cartwheel. I laughed and he pouted. "Liliana Jordyn Rose, don't you dare laugh at me!" he shouted jokingly. "Harold Edward Styles, you are crazy!!!" I laughed. He playfully lunged at me but I dodged and laughed at him again. "Na, na, na, na, na, you can't catch me! I'm gonna call you Slow Styles!!!!" I giggled. He smirked and his green eyes glittered with the urge to tease. "I'm gonna be a rock star, just you watch, Lily!" Harry winked and flipped his naturally curly hair. "Hahaha, you're too funny, Haz!!!!" I mocked him as I flipped my pigtails. We teased, laughed, and chased each other some more until the sun was beginning to go down. I started to walk to my favorite spot of my backyard field where Harry and I always watched the sunset, then he grabbed my hand and we skipped over together and sat on the grass. We smiled at each other than stared at the orange light in front of us. Harry squeezed my hand tight then looked over at me. He smiled at me again, then he pulled out two silver necklace chains, both equipped with matching silver paper airplane charms. He placed on over his head and onto his neck and then to my surprise, he slipped on over mine. They were a little big on both of us, but at the same time it felt just right. "Lily, promise that we will be best friends forever and ever and ever, no matter what happens EVER, and that you will never forget me." I turned to him and saw the most solemn look in his eyes I'd ever seen. I squeezed his hand back. "Harry, I promise."  

And I did keep that promise. 


Summer passed quickly and so did the time I spent with Harry. A couple weeks before school, my mother's job got transferred to the U.S. so my family had to move and I had to say goodbye to my perfect life in England and my best friend. It was a sad day, but at the same time I felt free and renewed. Though I left Harry, I took our promise with me.



HEY!!!! So for my first chapter of my first fanfiction, how'd I do? PLEASE COMMENT OR LIKE!!!!!:) I just wanna say I love writing and Harry Styles hehe so I thought I'd try it out. :)

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