Promises: A 1D Fanfic (Mostly Harry)

Lily was just a normal teenage girl who assumed she was forgotten. Harry was a kind-hearted but troubled celebrity who felt alone and lost. When they met, things changed-- but for the better or the worst? They thought they knew everything. What they didn't know is some promises last forever.


2. Chapter 1

CHAPTER 1: Secrets

I stood in front of the full body mirror in the guest bedroom at my friend Alison Elizabeth Renee's house getting all dressed up. I'd spent the night. It was my eighteenth birthday and the twelfth year I had been in New York, so I had adopted an American accent and though it was quite sunnier here in the U.S. than in England, my hair had darkened a bit and was now a light brown color. I was putting on my final accessories, sparkling diamond studs, and retouching my makeup for the last time. Suddenly, a cheery American voice rang through the rooms. "Come on, Lily! We absolutely don't wanna be late!!!!" She rushed through the door, looking naturally perfect, not the naturally natural perfect, but the stressed naturally natural perfect that I, her best friend, could only see. I knew she had spent a lot of time and money to dress and impress, and I understood, of course, because who wouldn't? (For my eighteenth birthday, we were going to see the one and only One Direction in concert AND we had tickets to a signing/meet-and-greet. The band of the boy I used to know, Harold Edward Styles. It was unbelievable, but I hadn't spoken to him in MANY years, not since I moved, so I had no idea what he'd been doing anyway. So now I was going to see them perform, because I admit they were cute and Harry looked amazing now that he had matured, plus they were really talented. I was a fan, I guess, but NOTHING like Ali. I guess I wasn't as crazy about them because I had known one of the members, but I hadn't told Ali this because either she wouldn't believe me and I had no proof anyway, or she would be too stunned and try to reconnect us, which I didn't want because it would be just so awkward and it would bring me into the spotlight, which even she knew I hated.) "Wow," she squealed, "you look beautiful!" "Thanks!" I said, "so do you!" I looked her over again, and I was not just being kind, it was the truth. Ali's gorgeous natural dark brunette hair, which she'd gotten highlighted with a little lighter brown, was in curls and pinned to the side, resting on her right shoulder. She was wearing a royal blue strapless dress, which complimented her deep blue eyes, that was glittery at the bottom because she was a total girly girl and loved sparkles and pink. She also had on a sparkly silver short sleeved cardigan, sparkly silver stilettos that were about 4 inches, since she was kind of short, and new gorgeous light pink lipstick/lipgloss that I totally loved. She must'be read my mind, because then she said, "I have some for you, too! Red, because I know it's your favorite color!" and she opened her purse and pulled out a little gold bag and handed it to me. I smiled and slipped it into my purse. "So, are you excited?! I AM!!!! I can't wait to see the boys, especially Niall! God, he's so sexy!" Ali squealed some more. "Do you think he'll like me? I hope he does! He's so perfect! What if I scare him? Oh no, that'd be TERRIBLE! He'd hate me!!! Ahh!!!! Lily, if I fangirl too much and he looks nervous, because I won't be able to tell because I'll be mesmorized by his angelic features, PROMISE you will snap me out of it and calm me down!" I rolled my eyes and giggled. "Oh, Ali. Girl, haha, you are crazy. Yes, I promise I will help you if you scare Niall, and yes, I'll make up an excuse that you didn't take your pills." She rolled her eyes then widened them and grabbed my arm tight. "PLEASE don't tell him I'm crazy!!!! It would ruin our future relationship!!!!" I laughed. "Honey, I think he'll figure that out his own." She laughed then looked at her watch. "Oh no! We'd better leave soon! Put on your shoes, I'll go grab my phone and the stuff for the signing and and concert, and start the car as well." She quickly walked out of the room, trying not to trip and falk over her heels. As she stumbled away, I checked to make sure she was really gone and began jumping up and down and hushedly screaming. I was secretly really, really excited, but I tried hard not to show it, and I was really good at hiding my emotions. I slipped on my cherry red flats and took one last look at myself. I was really tall and normal weight and had long, golden brown hair, and deep brown eyes. I checked over my outfit: black skinny jeans (check!), white sequined top(okay, so maybe I was a sucker for sparkles,too--check!), flats(check!), black Coach purse(check!), hair pulled up into a high ponytail(check!) and of course, red shiny lipstick(check, check!). Beneath my top, I also secretly had on the lucky silver airplane necklace Harry had given me all those years ago. It fit perfectly now, and it made me wonder if he ever wore his. I wore mine every day, but nos underneath my clothing. Ali had asked about iit a couple times, but I just brushed it off as just another necklace. I realized I really WAS excited to see him. I wondered if he remembered me, though, probably not, he'd probably moved on a while ago. I didn't matter anymore, I was his past, and he was absorbed in fame so he'd met far more important people. I didn't have the heart to say this to Ali and crush her dreams, but I highly doubt Niall or any of them would even glance twice at us, we were just two out of their millions of fans. After I rapidly exitted my deep thoughts. I flashed a smile to the mirror and strutted off. 


When I met Ali in the car, she looked super-stressed. "What's wrong?" I asked. "Nothing, I'm just scared I've forgotten something!" she mumbled, rumbling through her huge purse. "Let's see, I have the concert tickets, the signing tickets, merchandise money, dinner and snack money, the stuff for the hotel, driver's license, credit card, ID, lipgloss, makeup, tissues, dental floss, house and car keys, iPhone, camera, pack of mint gum, Listerine dissolving breath freshener mint strips, our t-shirts and autograph books and iPhone cases for the signing, extra Sharpies for the boys, and of course, gifts for them! And in the trunk are our overnight bags, which we packed and I double-checked this morning! Okay, I think we're set to go!" She smiled nervously as she put her car in reverse and began to back out of the garage."Ready or not, 1D, here we come!" I asked her as we started to pull out of the driveway, "So what'd you get them anyway?" "Oh, well, for each boy, I got them personalized pink boxers with their names monogrammed in purple cursive on the back!" which she said so seriously, I nearly believed her. I laughed so hard and asked, "Really?!" She giggled. "Of course not! You'll see when we get there," she said with a sly smile and wink. And with that, we started our fun, one-hour journey to NYC in Alisons's white GMC with One Direction music cranked up high.


Hi again! Okay, so first of all, I want to apologize for the overly-detailed adjectives and clothing, I mean, lots of details helps me visualize but I realize it's not like that for everyone, so again, sorry,and anyway, I hope you liked the story! Please vote or comment!:)

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