Met you at the mall

A girl named lexi was getting ready to sing at the mall and once the 1D lads see her will one of them fall for her?


11. The secret is out

I called niall to the room yes babe he said I have to tell you something I said yes ? He said zayn kissed me I said what he yelled I'm sorry I said tears coming down why did you kiss back niall asked furious I'm sorry but your kisses are way better than his ok I said were over he yelled he sat on my bed ok I said packing some clothes and money I grabbed my phone phone charger and laptop I stormed out of the room crying I went in my car I saw niall at my front door with tears running down his face I just cried I started the car and drove away I went to a hotel and purchased a room for 2 weeks Liam I texted hey what's up he said niall broke up with me I texted why he said zayn kissed me I said Skype ? He said no I look terrible I said your always beautiful never say that he said ok I said I grabbed my laptop and went on Skype I saw that niall was on then Liam skyped me I accepted hey Liam I said wiping my mascara off hey you ok he said yea I'm fine I just needs ice cream and some tissues which I'm going to buy after the chat I said ok he said then I niall skyped me Liam should I answer nialls Skype? Yea he said ok I said I accepted the chat what do you want I said I'm sorry for getting mad at you he said I could tell he was at my house its alright I said ok bye he said bye I said and hung up what did he say Liam said he just said sorry and we hung up oh he said well ill see you later bye Liam I said bye he said  so the rest of the night I ate ice cream and watched the notebook over and over

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