Met you at the mall

A girl named lexi was getting ready to sing at the mall and once the 1D lads see her will one of them fall for her?


7. The Kiss:O

Well I woke up and sat up I looked at the side of the bed and niall wasn't there I was confused eh I got up and put on a purple dress , some purple heels and a purple bow I curled my hair *ring*ring* I looked at the caller ID it was zayn *hello* -Me  *lexi could you come over * -zayn I heard as he cried *yea *-me *ok thanks* -zayn we hung up I went to my purple buggie and drove to zayn a house I walked up to his doorstep and knocked *no answer* I knocked again I hear the door open and see that zayn was sober zayn what happened- me Perrie broke up with me -zayn aww come here -me I went to him and hugged him he closed the door i brought some Ice cream for us two to share and some tissues so me and zayn were talking and eating chocolate ice cream I paid full attention to him I got another spoon of ice cream and put it in my mouth I could tell that there were leftovers around so I licked them then it grew silent me and zayn locked our eyes on each other then he leaned in and our lips were touching he pulled away oh crap -zayn I just looked at him I shouldn't have done that - me don't mention it to niall or he'd kick my ass - zayn ok -me then we just continues to talk about life and laughing well I gotta go I stood up he stood up as well he walked me to the doors hugged him goodnight zayn -me goodnight-zayn I hugged him and left  I looked at my car shit I whispered I left the keys in there so I walked alone in the dark finally I got home I opened the door and went to the room Niall! I yelled happy hugging him and kissed him on the lips hey babe where were you at zayns but then I left my keys in the car and walked home his eyes widen why didn't you call me -niall I thought you were busy I'm sorry -me it's alright but next time call me because someone can just get you and take you -niall ok I said hugging him again why are you so beautiful  -niall I am not I'm deformed and a weird girl -me no your not your a beautiful funny girl that I love -niall the conversation ended and me and niall enjoyed the night laughing 

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