Met you at the mall

A girl named lexi was getting ready to sing at the mall and once the 1D lads see her will one of them fall for her?


3. Suprises

**next day**
*lexis pov*
Well today's my birthday *yay* niall knows and the boys they were acting weird I was turning 18 finally I woke up and heard noises in the kitchen then I just let it go I got my outfit ready it was a red dress with some red heels and a red bow for my hair I lock my room door and go in the bathroom and turn on the water I take of my clothes and jump in the shower I rinse my hair and shampoo it I get out and rap a towel around my body I blow dry my hair I put on mascara eye liner blood red lipstick,red eye shadow and red blush I curl my hair and put my red bow on I go to my bed and get my red bra and red underwear I put it on then I put on my red dress then my heels it was already one in the afternoon I unlock my door and go downstairs I turn on the light -SUPRISE- everyone says niall Louis Harry zayn and Liam and their girlfriends but Harry was still single omg I said I hug niall you look beautiful niall whispered to me thank you just for you I whispered in his ear then we kiss we pulled away and I see red lipstick on niall babe I say yea he says you got some of my lipstick on your lips I say I get a napkin and wipe it off he wraps his arms around my waist I wrap my arms around his neck we look at each other and smile we kiss and we hear a camera we look and it was Harry taking a pic of us kissing why'd you do that I said he smiled evilly then he walks out ok niall says awkwardly we stay there talking I got a present for you he said awe you shouldn't have I said but your gift is for only us two I smile and say ok we join the others hey Eleanor I say hugging her hey lexi she says hugging me back then there was a silence but me and Eleanor were still hugging and I don't get a hug Louis says you gave niall a hug and kiss now its my turn Louis adds he's my boyfriend its my job to give him love I say all sassy he fake crys I let go of Eleanor and go to Louis I hug him and kiss him on the cheek yay he yells after I leave him I see Eleanor is laughing because I left him a red lips on his cheek I hug all the boys and their girlfriends I go to niall he puts one hand on my waist I do the same I kiss him on the cheek leaving him red lips like Louis then we hung out and laughed I love you I whispered to niall I love you too he said we kissed my phone vibrate 1 notification twitter awe @OfficialNiall kissing his girlfriend @imyourteddybear :) <3 I smile and look at the pic I save the picture and put it as my wallpaper
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