Met you at the mall

A girl named lexi was getting ready to sing at the mall and once the 1D lads see her will one of them fall for her?


14. Performing At the mall again:)

I woke up with me in nialls arms I felt really safe I realised what we did last night and I started to smile then I snapped out and relived I had to perform at the mall every Monday I kissed niall making him wake up he smiled and kissed me back babe I said pulling away yea? He said I have to perform at the mall today I said ok get ready he sai we got up and I put on a teal dress with a teal bow and teal high heels I put some make up and got my bag I invited the boys if you want niall said that's great I said kissing him before opening the door we walked out of the hotel hand in hand we got in his car which was a range rover what songs are you singing ? Niall asked hmm.. When I was your man by Bruno mars as long as you love me (acoustic) by Justin bieber and say your just a friend by Austin Mahone I said those are good songs babe he said hey niall can I ask you a question ? I said yea he said will you go on stage with me when I play as long as you love me  you could play the guitar I said hoping he says yes ? Of coarse he said thank you I said happily kissing him on the cheek we arrives at the mall and I went back stage with niall then I saw the lights dim bye babe I kissed him and went on stage when I went on there was a big crowd I saw the boys watch me as I came there was a piano set right on the stage I winked at the boys and sat down on the bench of the piano I started to play the piano and a couple seconds later I started to sing when I was your man once the song ended they took the piano off the stage I went backstage while they did that once they finished doing that they put two stools in the middle of the stage and a microphone   Me and Niall walked out everyone started to cheer I smiled and niall sat there with his guitar then he started to play the guitar then a couple of seconds later I started to sing as long as you love me once I finished niall left and I started to sing say your just a friend I finished and I went back stage I kissed niall we gathered our stuff and Walked to the boys hey we both said to the boys hey they all said back  you sang good Harry said to me thanks I said hugging each of them while they say I sang good on stage my boss came to me and said I didn't have to go on stage anymore because he thought I was to good and that I should have a bigger crowd ok was all I said me and the boys went to the food court we ordered food and ate we chatted and left our seperate ways me and niall went to the hotel  we changed and cuddled niall I said yea he said sorry I cheated on you I said its not your fault baby he said kissing my forehead I shouldn't have went I said with that a tear came down no you were just trying to help him get over Perrie he said I'm just terribly sorry I said you don't have to apologise niall said with that I fell asleep

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