Met you at the mall

A girl named lexi was getting ready to sing at the mall and once the 1D lads see her will one of them fall for her?


13. I miss you but you don't know that

***A few Days later*** nialls pov**** I haven't talked to lexi for almost a week I'm really worried about her well the boys are coming except zayn I really miss lexi sleeping with me  and her kisses were irresistible I couldn't take it so I just burst into tears then I heard a knock I opened it to see 3 best friends "why are you crying niall" Liam asked " oh nothing why?" I said "well we came here to talk to you about lexi" Harry said "what about her?" I said  "well you dumped her because she kissed zayn" Louis said "yea"I said "well actually zayn kissed her  she didn't acutually go and kiss him" Harry said "oh" I said guilty "yea you should've known what actually happened before you dumped her " Louis said "ok" I said sad "are you going to stand there or go get her again and tell her how much you missed her the days she's been gone " Liam asked "I'll go get her" I said smiling "here's her hotels name and number" Liam handed me a slip of paper I ran to my car and drove away **Lexis pov** well me and niall broke up 4 days ago and I really miss him Im such a wreck so I decided to take a shower so I grabbed my clothes and went in the shower I took a 30 minute shower I got out and quickly changed and cleaned up my room and did my bed I sighed looking at a picture of me and niall together I still love you niall I said to the picture I was just wearing  a white v neck shirt and black skinny jeans and some white chuck Taylor's I curled my hair and put on a bow and the paper airplane necklace Harry gave me he has one too I walked to the couch and sat down and watched tv I heard a knock on my door so I got up and opened it and saw niall hi i said awkwardly hi he said so what are you doing here ? I said I'm here to get you back Liam told me what happened so i felt guilty and wanted to say I'm sorry for not listening to you I was just really upset he said its alright I said you could come in I said ok he said and walked in I closed the door and sat next to him I can't stand it I said getting on top of him and kissing him he carried me to the bed room and locked it behind him he got on top of me and took off my shirt  still kissing me roughly I take off his shirt he slowly starts to kiss my neck making me have a purple like bruise on my neck then he took off my shoes and pants I took off his pants and shoes I take off my necklace and put it next to the lamp then he takes off my underwear and I take off his boxers then we start kissing passionately then he takes off my bra then he starts to kiss me on the neck traveling to my breast  then he starts to suck on them  then he comes up an kisses me and thrusts into me hard I let out a loud moan I run my hands through his hair  I missed you I said while he thrust into me I let out another moan I missed you too he said thrusting harder I let out yet another moan then he gets off of me and lays next to me in bed we just stay there laying in bed saying how much we missed each other and that we should of never separated we made out  and making jokes the whole night and cuddled with eachother and slowly drifted to sleep ** Liam's pov** "hey where's niall isn't he suppose to be here by now ?" I said to the boys "maybe they wanted to catch up and maybe he's spending the night there" Harry said "maybe" I said "I call lexi/nialls bed " Louis said running to their room I laugh at him "he runs so funny" I say laughing "and you don't " Harry says laughing  "we'll I call the couch " I say "I call the other couch" Harry says " goodnight hazza " I say "goodnight daddy" Harry says 

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