Met you at the mall

A girl named lexi was getting ready to sing at the mall and once the 1D lads see her will one of them fall for her?


2. Hanging with Nialler

Well we talked a bit at the food court and I told them I had to go I went to my range Rocer and put my things in then I saw a black van next to mine I went in the car and locked the doors I went on my phone and looked what they typed they gave me their phone numbers *beep*beep* I got a message from Niall wanna hangout tomorrow ? And plus I'm right at your window - Niall I looked at my window and saw niall holy shit I yelled scared then I saw niall laughing I turned on my car an rolled down my window hi I said smiling like an idiot hey he said and he kissed my cheek I blushed oh yeah I'd love to hang out tomorrow what time I said at 10:00 am he said ok I said running my hand through his hair ok gotta go bye niall said then off he went oh how much I wanted to kiss him I said in my car I drove to my big house yes I am rich because my parent but I don't live with them they live in Cali and I live in London oh how I miss them I went in my house and went to my closet and grabbed my pjs I grabbed my phone charger I went in the bathroom and locked the door I charged my phone next to my bath I turned the water on and waited it to fill up then I stripped down my clothes it filled up I turned off the water and put bubbles in there and put some candles on the side I got in and relaxed **5 minues later ** *ring*ring* my phone was ringing I got it and answer hello I said hey lexi niall said hey I said what are you doing just relaxing in the bath I made haha I said oh sorry for bothering you he said you didn't bother me babe oops I meant niall I said we'll cant wait to hang out tomorrow niall said cant wait I said then we hung up

**nialls pov**
So I called lexi and she said she was in the bath and I said sorry to bother you and she said oh you don't bother me babe and yea is she taken cuz I really want her to be my girl friend I was planning on asking her out tomorrow when we hang out I wonder first umma ask her if she has a boyfriend ..

**lexis pov**
So after I got out I. Texted Liam that I accidently called niall babe he said don't about if he asks me out tomorrow? liam said he won't you could tell if he likes you if he shares his food or looks at you straight in the eye . Today he kissed my cheek does that mean anything I said yup it means he likes you big time liam said I smiled we'll thanks for the advice Liam I said come to me if you have problems and ill be there:) I smiled I fell asleep
**next day** I woke up at eight I showered did my hair I dressed up into a cute sky blue dress and some sky blue heels and a sky blue bow it was 9:30 when I finished so I watched tv while Niall comes I waited then he came 5 min earlier then I got in his car hey I said wrapping my arms around his neck and hugging him then wrapped his arms around my waist then we pulled away so what do you wanna do I said smiling at him well I neede to ask you a question ? He said yea I said will you be my girlfriend? He said of course I said hugging him then we looked into each others eyes then we kissed then we hung out making jokes laughing our ass off
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