Met you at the mall

A girl named lexi was getting ready to sing at the mall and once the 1D lads see her will one of them fall for her?


1. At the mall

**louis pov**
Well me and the lads were at the mall after we finished we saw people crowding a place so me and the boys went then we saw a girl coming out and she sat on the stool then the lights dimmed we were in the front first she sang the a team by ed Sheeran then she started to sing heart attack by Demi lovato she sang quite amazing when the part "you make me act like a girl painting my nails and wart high heels" she pointed at us then for the last song she sand one way or another by us me and the boys looked like 5 year olds cheering she smiled at us and left .

*** Lexis pov**
Holy Shit I said in my mind when I saw one direction front row of my first performance I smiled and started singing and in a part in heart attack by Demi lovato I pointed at them cause the do make me act like a girl I winked at them and left the stage Holy shit I said I grabbed my things and walked around the mall once I hit the food court one direction was there I went to nandos and ordered I waited and when I grabbed my food I sat a table and started eating once I finished I tree away my food I sat back down and went on my phone I looked up and looked at the side I saw one direction come towards me holy shit I said in my mind I put on my earphones and started to listen to music I put on my glasses someone tapped me I took out my earphones I looked at them hi I said hey they said niall grabbed my phone and started typing something then he pasted it to the boys each of them typed something then they gave it to Me I took off my glasses and smiled I could tell my dimples were showing cuz Harry's face looked funny hello I said are you guys playing some kind of game called no talking or something I add .... Still nothing ..
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