Love Triangles

Alison's dad has abused her since the divorce. What happens when she moves in with her mom and find out that her mom lives next door to One Direction? All of a sudden they're caught in a triangle of love triangles and friendships and relationships are being put to the test.


8. Wait, what?!

Ari's POV:

"Hey, was happenin, Hazza?" I say. He looks at me and just leans in and kisses me. What?! I don't even think, I just push him off of me. "What the hell?!" "I-I don't know," he stuttered. "You're dating my best friend and I'm with one of your best friends!" I yell. "I-I know, I'm sorry. I don't know what happened, I'm drunk and I-I just don't know," he says, with worried eyes. "Harry, I have to tell Alis-," he cut me off. "Please, Ari, no. It was a mistake. I love her. It won't happen again, I promise. Can we please just keep this between us?" he pleads. He is really drunk and I know he loves her, I want to help him, but I just can't lie to Ali. "Harry, I know you love her and I want to help, but she's my best friend, I can't," I say. "Please, Ari, I can't lose her," he begs, tears forming in his eyes. "Fine, but don't let it happen again," I say, seriously. "Thank you so much," he says, relief in his eyes. I know he loves her, he really loves her.

Alison's POV:

I hear Ari yell something so I get up to walk to the kitchen and see what's going on. When I'm right outside the kitchen and about to walk in, I hear Ari say, "Harry, I know you love her and I want to help, but she's my best friend, I can't." I stop and listen. "Please, Ari, I can't lose her," I hear Harry say in a pleading voice. "Fine, but don't let it happen again," Ari says sternly. "Thank you so much," Harry says, sounding relieved. I wait a second so that they don't know I heard and then I walk into the kitchen. They both look at me. "Hey, Ali," Ari says, in a perky voice, but I can tell the voice is forced. "Hey, Ari. Can I talk to you for a sec?" I ask. "Uh.. sure," Ari says, smiling. We leave the kitchen and into the hallway. "What's up?" Ari asks. "What are you hiding?" I say, getting straight to the point. "What are you talking about?" she asks, innocently, but worried at the same time. "Ari, don't you dare lie to me," I say. "I heard you and Harry talking. You're my best friend, how could you lie to me for him?" I say. "Ali, it's not like that. I was doing it for your relationship not for Harry. I was doing it for you, I didn't want you to get hurt," she says, pleadingly. "Tell me what you're hiding, Ari. You're my best friend," I say. "Harry kissed me. But I swear I pushed him away immediately, I didn't kiss back. I wanted to tell you but he begged me. He said he didn't know what came over him and he's drunk and he loves you. Please don't be mad, Ali, please," she says, pleadingly, close to tears. I hug her and say, "I'm not mad at you, Ari, don't worry." I start to cry. "Don't cry, Ali," she says. "He kissed you," I say right as Harry walks into the hallway we're talking in.

Harry's POV:

I wonder what the girls are doing. I walk out of the hallway their on and right as I enter the hallway, Alison says, "He kissed you." She's crying. Oh no. She looks at me and walks away, then she turns around, walks back, and slaps me. Then she walks away and into the living room. I look at Ari to see an apologetic look on her face. It's not her fault, it's mine. She runs after Alison, leaving me alone in the hallway.

Louis' POV:

I heard Ari yelling from the kitchen. Alison got up and walked to the kitchen. I kept watching the movie. I love the notebook, it gets me every time! A few minutes later, I heard Alison crying, oh hell no! I know I've only known her for a little bit but I already feel very protective of her like a big brother, and she shouldn't be crying. I get up and walk to the hallway by the kitchen cuz that's where the noise is coming from to see what's going on. I walk into the hallway at the same time as Harry and I hear Alison say, "He kissed you," through her tears. OH, HELL NO! I look at Harry and he walks to Alison. He tries to grab her hand but she pulls it away. "Ali, please, it was a drunken mistake, I love you," he says, tears forming in his eyes. "No, Harry, you kissed my best friend, get away from me. I can't even look at you right now," she says, crying even harder now, tears streaming down her face. "But, Ali-," Harry begins, the tears starting to pour out of his eyes. I cut him off and say, "Harry, she asked you to get away from her. Come on." He looks at me with pleading eyes and I look at him with stern eyes. He nods and follows me out of the hallway and into the kitchen, tears still pouring out of his eyes. I lean up against the counter and look at him. "You kissed Ari?" I ask. "Yea, but I don't know why, Lou. I love Alison, I do. I can't lose her," he says, crying harder and harder by the second. "Just give her some space and try to talk to her once she's calmed down," I say, reassuringly. He nods, sits down, and puts his head in his hands.

Zayn's POV:

Ari still isn't back and I heard her yell and Alison crying, but I decided to let them work it out. Then Louis got up and left and a few minutes later I heard Harry crying. Da fuck is going on?! I get up and walk to the kitchen with Liam and Niall close behind. I walk in and Louis' leaning up against the counter and Harry is sitting at the kitchen table with his head in his hands, crying. I look behind me and Liam is there but Niall's not. "Where'd Niall go? He was right behind me?" I say to Liam. "He's went into the hallway where Ari and Alison are," he says. I nod. I look at Louis with a questioning look and he motions me to follow him. I follow him into the living room and Liam goes and sits across from Harry. Me and Louis sit on the couch and I say, "What's going on?" "Harry kissed Ari," I say. "WHAT?!" I scream standing up and heading to the kitchen. "Dude, he's really upset. It was a mistake," Louis says, trying to calm me down. I walk into the kitchen and to Harry. "WHAT THE HELL?" I scream. He looks up at me and says, "Zayn, I'm so sorry, I don't know what happened. I'm sorry," Harry says. "Sorry doesn't cut it," I say, shaking my head and walking to the hallway to find Ari. When I walk into the hallway, Niall and Ari are talking to Alison. "Maybe you should go talk to him," Ari says. When she sees me, she runs to me and hugs me. I hug her back. When she pulls away, I say, "Did you kiss him back?" "No! I pushed him away immediately, I promise," she says. I know she's telling the truth. I nod and kiss her.

Liam's POV:

Zayn and Louis walked into the living room and I went and sat at the table across from Harry. "What happened, Hazza? Are you okay?" I ask, worried. "I kissed Ari. I ruined everything," he says, taking his head out of his hands to look at me. "Do you like Ari?" I ask, confused. "No, I love Alison. I can't lose her," he says, wiping his eyes. "Maybe you should go talk to her," I say. He's about to say something when Zayn walks in and walks up to Harry and screams, "WHAT THE HELL?!"

Niall's POV:

Liam and Zayn walk into the kitchen where Harry and Louis are and I walk to the hallway where Alison and Ari are. Alison is crying. "What's going on? Are you okay?" I ask. "H-H-Harry kissed Ari," Alison says crying. Me and Ari try to comfort her. I can't believe Harry would do that. "He promised not to hurt me," Alison says, crying even harder. I hug her and Ari tells her she should go talk to Harry when Zayn walks in. Zayn talks to Ari for a second and then they kiss, then he walks over to me. "I think I was a little hard on Harry," he says. "I'm gonna go try to make up with him," he says, walking back to the kitchen. Well, that was bizarre. "I'll be back," Ari says, following Zayn into the kitchen, leaving me and Alison alone. Wow, she's beautiful. I wish I could make her stop crying. I wipe her tears, hug her, and say, "It'll be okay." "You promise?" she asks. "I promise," I say sticking my pinky out to her. She wraps her pinky around mine and manages a small smile. Then, she leans in.

Alison's POV:

"I'll be back," Ari says, following Zayn to the kitchen, leaving me and Niall alone. He walks up to me and wipes my tears. He hugs me and says, "It'll be okay." "You promise?" I ask. "I promise," he says, sticking his picky out to me to pinky swear. I wrap my pinky around his with a small smile. He's so great, he's here for me when Harry decided to go and kiss my best friend. All of a sudden, I'm leaning in. Wait, what?! 

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