Love Triangles

Alison's dad has abused her since the divorce. What happens when she moves in with her mom and find out that her mom lives next door to One Direction? All of a sudden they're caught in a triangle of love triangles and friendships and relationships are being put to the test.


4. The Boys

Alison's POV:

Oh my goodness! He's Niall from One Direction! I live next door to One Direction!!! This is SO exciting! I LOVE One Direction! "Do you want to come in and meet the guys?" Niall asks. "Yea!" I exclaim, way excited. He laughs and leads me inside.

Harry's POV:

We were all sitting on the couch watching TV when the doorbell rang. Niall got up to get it. About 5 minutes later he walked back into the living room followed by the most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on. She had beautiful brown hair and green eyes that you could get lost in. I think I'm .in love. "Guys, this is Alison, she's Amanda's daughter and she just moved in with Amanda," Niall says. I walk up to her, extend my hand to shake hers, and say "Hey. It's great to meet you. I'm Harry." She smiles, shakes my hand, and says, "Hi, it's nice to meet you. I definitely never thought I would get to meet the one and only Harry Styles." She says the last part dramatically and we both bust out laughing. I look at Niall and I can see the jealousy in his eyes. Oh shit. He likes her too, I can see it in his eyes. I don't want this to tear me and Nialler apart but I know I'm not gonna be able to stay away from this girl. I hope she doesn't fall for Niall. She introduces herself to the rest of the boys and Louis says, "We should play truth or dare!" We all  agree and we sit down in a circle. Liam goes to get a bottle and when he comes back, he spins it and it lands on Niall. "Niall, truth or dare?" Liam asks. "Umm...truth," Niall says. "Do you think Alison's pretty?" Zayn asks. Everybody looks at Niall for his response. He is silent for a second and then he says, "No.. she's beautiful," I look at Alison and she's blushing. I know I have to do something to tell her that I like her, but I just don't know what. Niall smiles at Alison and then spins the bottle. It lands on me. "Truth or dare, Hazza?" Nialler asks. "Truth," I say. "BORING!" Louis yells. I laugh. "Do you like Alison?" Zayn asks. I blush and slowly say, "Well, I don't know her enough to say I like like her but she is drop dead gorgeous and seems hilarious and sweet." "OOOOOOOO!!!" all the boys say, except for Niall. I look at Alison and she is blushing like crazy, so am I. I smile. I spin the bottle and it lands on Liam. "Truth or dare, Li?" I say. "Dare," he says. Louis grins. "Okay, I dare you to do the cinnamon challenge." I say, laughing. Everyone laughs and Liam says, "I think you hate me!" he stands up and walks to the kitchen. We all stand up and follow him. He does it and it is HILARIOUS! I get it on video and post it to twitter! Haha, I'm sure he'll love me for that. We all go back to the living room and sit back down in a circle and Liam spins the bottle.

Alison's POV:

Liam does the cinnamon challenge and then we all go back into the living room and sit back down in a circle and Liam spins the bottle. It lands on me. Great. "Alison, truth or dare?" Liam asks. "Dare," I say. "Kiss Harry on the lips," he says. I see the sadness in Niall's eyes and the happiness in Harry's. I lean over and Kiss Harry on the lips. It's perfect. Sparks fly and I get butterflies in my stomach. When we pull away, I smile at him. Everybody "OOOOOOO's!" Niall seems like a great guy and I know he likes me, but so does Harry. I don't know what I'm gonna do. They're both cute too, but there were sparks when I kissed Harry. That has to mean something, right? I spin the bottle and it lands on Zayn. We continue playing, but the whole time I'm thinking about Harry and Niall. After about an hour, I realize that my mom is probably wondering what's taking so long. "I should probably get going. My mom is probably wondering what's taking so long," I say. The boys all say bye and Harry says, "I'll walk you out." Harry walks me out. We walk out the front door and he closes it behind him. He looks me in the eyes and smiles. "Alison, you're just so beautiful. I just met you and I already feel like I'm falling for you. I've never felt this way before. When we kissed, it was magical. Will you please be my girlfriend?"


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