Love Triangles

Alison's dad has abused her since the divorce. What happens when she moves in with her mom and find out that her mom lives next door to One Direction? All of a sudden they're caught in a triangle of love triangles and friendships and relationships are being put to the test.


14. Single Lady

NIALL'S POV: "Oh yea? Name one guy that respects me, that cares about me!" she exclaims. "Me!" I blurt without thinking. "W-what?" she stammers. Instead of replying, I lean in and kiss her. She kisses back. When we finally pull away, I say, "Alison, I care about you, I respect you, and I would never hurt you. Alison, you already gave Harry a chance and he blew it. Give me a chance? I'm not asking you to be with me today. We just met today and Harry and everything. I'm just asking you not to take him back and to give me a chance to win you over. Please?" "Niall, I'm not saying I don't want to but I just told Harry yes. That would be horrible of me," she says. "And what he did wasn't horrible?" I question. "Well..I guess you're right. If I don't want to be with him, I shouldn't be with him. I'd rather be single than with a cheater. I'll be back," she says and with that she's off my bed and out my bedroom door. ALISON'S POV: "And what he did wasn't horrible?" Niall questions and that's when something inside my brain clicks. Why should I stay with him. I need to have more respect for myself than that. "Well..I guess you're right. If I don't want to be with him, I shouldn't be with him. I'd rather be single than with a cheater. I'll be back," I say, hurrying out of his room and back into Harry's. I walk in and see Harry sitting on the bed where I left him. He sees me and says, "You and I were kissing and you just left to go baby Niall because he's jealous. That's messed up." "Harry, I lied," I say, still standing in the doorway of his bedroom. "About what?" he asks, confused. "About taking you back, I'm not gonna do it. I can't trust you and I can't allow what you did. I'm not just gonna forgive you, I need to have more self respect than that. I'd rather be single than miserable," I say. "Miserable?" he asks, looking hurt. "Yea, miserable. Being in a relationship with a cheater will make me miserable," I say. "A cheater?!" he exclaims. "Yea, that's what you call somebody who cheats. And my grandma always told me once a cheater, always a cheater," I say, sassily. "Well, I'm sorry that Ari's prettier than you! It was impossible not to kiss her!" he yells. That stings but I act like I don't care. "Oh, good, then it should be easy for you to accept the fact that we're over. And you're right, Ari is prettier than me; so you can try to be with her, but she's never gonna be with you, she's better than that," I yell back. "You're never gonna find anybody else that will want to be with you!" he yells. "And that's where you're wrong," I say, turning around and walking out and back into Niall's room. HARRY'S POV: "And that's where you're wrong," she says, turning around and leaving. I didn't mean anything that I said. She's a catch, anybody would want her. I had her and I blew it. I wasn't lying when I said that Ari's pretty though. I think I might be starting to like her. Great. The two girls that I like are best friends and I have no chance with either of them. I screwed everything up. ARI'S POV: I walk into the kitchen to see Liam and Louis making Mac and Cheese while Zayn and Harry are standing by the table talking. I walk to Louis and Liam because there's no way I'm going where Harry is. I help Louis and Liam make the Mac and Cheese until Harry leaves the kitchen and Zayn walks over to me. He walks up behind me and puts his arms around me, resting his head on my shoulder as I stir the cheese in. I turn around to face him and stand on my tiptoes to kiss him with a slight smile. "I'm tired," I say. "Wanna go up to my room and go to bed?" he asks. "No, I don't think I'm staying the night," I reply. "Why not?" he asks. "Because I think me and Ali are staying at Ali's place," I say. "No fair," he whines like a three year old. I laugh and say, "I think I'm gonna go find Ali." "But you didn't even have any Mac and Cheese," Louis whines from behind us. I fake sigh and get a bowl of Mac and Cheese. Me, Liam, Louis, and Zayn all sit at the table with a bowl of Mac and Cheese and play two truths and a lie. When I'm done eating, I put my bowl in the sink and say, "Okay, now I'm gonna go find Ali." Zayn pouts. I giggle and walk out of the kitchen and into the hallway where I left Ali and Niall. They're not there. I walk up the stairs and see Ali walk into a bedroom. I go to the bedroom and knock on the door. "Come in," I hear Niall say. I open the door and walk into Niall's room. NIALL'S POV: After a few minutes, Alison walks back into my bedroom and says, "I'm a single lady!" with a smile as she sits down next to me on the bed. I open my mouth to say something, but I'm interrupted by a knock on the door. "Come in," I say. The door opens and Ari walks in. "Ali, I'm tired. Where are we staying tonight?" Ari says. "My place. We should probably get going," Alison says, standing up. "Bye, Niall," Alison says with a smile , walking to the doorway where Ari is. "Bye," I say as I watch them walk out my bedroom door. ALISON'S POV: "Bye," Niall says as me and Ari walk out his bedroom door. We walk down to the kitchen and say goodbye to the boys. Well, except for Niall and Harry. Then, we walk out the front door and go next door to my house. "What time is it?" Ari asks as we walk up the porch steps of my house l. "Eleven," I say, looking at my phone. We walk in the front door and I see my Mom watching TV on the couch, cuddling with some guy. We walk into the living room and I say, "Mom, this is my best friend, Ari. Ari, this is my Mom." "Hi. Its very nice to meet you, Ari," my Mom says with a warm smile. "You too," Ari smiles. "Do you mind if Ari stays the night?" I ask. "Of course. You're welcome here anytime, Ari," my Mom says sweetly. "Thank you so much," Ari says. "Thanks, Mom. Good night. I'll see you in the morning. I love you, Mommy. Forever and always. I love you," I say. "Good night. Sleep good. I'll see you in the morning. I love you too. Forever and always. I love you too," my Mom says and with that me and Ari go upstairs to my room and go to sleep..which is so unlike us.. we must be really tired.
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