Love Triangles

Alison's dad has abused her since the divorce. What happens when she moves in with her mom and find out that her mom lives next door to One Direction? All of a sudden they're caught in a triangle of love triangles and friendships and relationships are being put to the test.


17. Not Forgotten

HARRY'S POV: I walk out of the kitchen to see Alison hugging Niall. I can't believe that she wants , we just broke up! I walk past them and I'm about to walk into the living room but instead, I turn to face her. "You're wrong. Ari's not prettier than you. Nobody is," I say and then I walk into the living room. "What's going on?" Liam asks as I sit down on the couch beside Louis. "I'm never going to get another chance and she wants Niall," I say angrily. "She said that?" Ari asks. I nod and say, "She said I was right about you being prettier than her but wrong about nobody wanting her because Niall wants her and she wants him too. Then, I walked out of the kitchen to see her hugging all over Niall and now here we are." "Right about me being prettier than her?" Ari asks, beginning to get angry. I sigh and say, "Yesterday, we got in a fight. Well, an argument and I said that you were prettier than her, that it was impossible not to kiss you and I said that nobody else was ever gonna want her." "What the hell is wrong with you?!" Ari exclaims, standing up. I open my mouth to say something but she starts screaming at me, "YOU DON'T TRY TO KILL A GIRL'S SELF ESTEEM, ESPECIALLY MY GIRL'S!!! AND YOU DON'T PUT THINGS IN HER HEAD ABOUT HERSELF THAT AREN'T TRUE! ALI IS A HELL OF A LOT PRETTIER THAN I AM AND ANY GUY WOULD BE LUCKY TO HAVE HER! YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW MANY GUYS WANT HER, DUMBASS!" "I know. I didn't mean the things I said, I was just mad. I'm sorry," I say sadly. "Yea, well you should think before you speak because once something is said; it can only be forgiven, not forgotten. And don't be saying sorry to me, you need to be saying sorry to Ali," Ari says, sitting back down on the couch next to Zayn. He wraps his arm around her waist and pulls her close. Damn, both of the girls that I want are in the arms of one of my mates right now. I just want to take her out of Zayn's arms and kiss her. "Harry?" Ari says, pulling me away from my thoughts. "Huh?" I ask. "Ali's the one you need to be apologizing to," she repeats. "It's too late," I say, standing up and walking upstairs to my room. ARI'S POV: Is he starting at me? Is that jealousy in his eyes? No! I'm imagining it. I need to stop! I can't like Harry! "Harry?" I say. "Huh?" he asks. "Ali's the one you need to be apologizing to," I say, still think about the jealousy that I could have sworn I saw in his eye when Zayn pulled me close. "Its too late," he says, standing up and walking upstairs. I stand up and go after him. I open the door to his bedroom and walk in to see him sitting on the bed with his head in his hands. I close the bedroom door and sit down next to him on the bed. He takes his head out of his hands to look at me and I say, "You just need to give her some time. She will forgive you eventually." "That's not what this is about, Ari," he says. "Then what?" I ask, confused. He's silent for a minute and then he sighs and says, "Downstairs, when Zayn grabbed your waist and pulled you close down there, it killed me. I just wanted to take you from his arms and kiss you." When he says that, I feel frozen, speechless. I want to say something but I can't. Instead, I lean in. ZAYN'S POV: I decide to go make sure Hazza's okay. I walk upstairs and open his bedroom door to see Ari lean in and kiss Harry.
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