Love Triangles

Alison's dad has abused her since the divorce. What happens when she moves in with her mom and find out that her mom lives next door to One Direction? All of a sudden they're caught in a triangle of love triangles and friendships and relationships are being put to the test.


5. I'll prove it to you

Niall's POV:

We just finished playing truth or dare. Harry and Alison had to kiss. He likes her. I know it. Dammit. I knew this was gonna happen. I knew one of the guys was gonna fall for her. Alison just said she had to leave and Harry walked her out. I'm such an idiot. I should've walked her out. What if he kisses her or asks her out. Oh no, I can't let that happen. Everyone else is just sitting on the couches joking and laughing. I stand up and walk to the front door. I start to open the door and I hear Harry say, "Will you be my girlfriend?" My heart breaks. I can't let her say yes. I hurry and open the door all the way so that they see me. "Oh, Hey Nialler," Harry says. I act like I didn't hear him ask her. "Hey, I just wanted to ask Alison if she wants to come over for dinner tonight," I say turning to face Alison. "Yea, I'd love to, but I'll have to check with my mom," she says. "Okay," I say. I don't want to go inside and leave them alone. I don't want to give her an opportunity to say yes. Shit, what's wrong with me. If she wants to be with him, who am I to try to stop that? It might hurt me, but it's her life and her decision and I want her to be happy. If she feels the same way about me that I do about her, then she'll say no. I walk back inside, leaving them alone again. I walk up to my room and sit down on my bed. I just like her so much.

Harry's POV:

I asked her to be my girlfriend and then before she could give me an answer, Niall walks out. "Oh, hey Nialler," I say. "Hey, I just wanted to ask Alison if she wants to come over for dinner tonight," he says turning to look at Alison. "Yea, I'd love to, but I'll have to check with my mom," she says, smiling. "Okay," Niall says. I want him to go away. He turns around and walks back inside. I turn back around to look Alison in the eyes again. "So, what do you think? Will you please be my girlfriend?" I ask. "Harry, you seem like a great guy and you're right it was magical when we kissed, but I'm just not sure. I mean every guy in my life always hurts me. My boyfriends cheat on me and my dad well just I've been hurt a lot and I just can't go through it again. I really like you and I want to say yes, but I can't get hurt again, I just can't," she says. She is on the verge of tears. "Alison, I would never hurt you, I promise. Please just give me a chance and I'll prove it to you," I say. "Okay. Yes, I'll be your girlfriend," she says. A huge grin spreads across my face and I wrap her in huge hug. I look into her eyes and kiss her. It is the most magical thing in the world and I never want it to end. We finally pull away and she says, "I should probably get going now." "Okay, but call me and let me know if you can come over for dinner," I say. "I don't have your number," she says. We exchange phones and put our number's in each other's phones. Then we kiss one more time and she walks home. I watch as she walks away and into her house. Then, I turn around and walk back inside with a huge smile on my face. Nothing can bring me down, nothing.

Alison's POV:

I can't believe this. I can't believe I'm dating Harry. We kiss and I go home. I walk in the door of my house and my mom is standing in the kitchen making dinner. I walk over to her and she says, "Soo, how was the neighbor's house?" with a smile on her face. "It was the best, you'll never believe what happened!" I exclaim. "What happened?" she asks, excitedly. It's so great to have a parent who cares about me and about my life. I tell her everything and she is so excited. "Sweetie, that's so great!" she exclaims, hugging me. "I know, I'm so excited," I say. "They invited me to have dinner with them, but you're already making dinner and you probably want me to eat here so I'll text Harry and tell him maybe another time," I say. "Don't be silly. You can go over there for dinner," my mom says. "Really? Are you sure?" I ask. "Yea, absolutely, but do you want to see your room first?" she says/asks. "Yea," I say. She gives mea tour of the whole house. It's huge and my room is awesome. I get settled in my room and then I go to tell my mom bye and head back to the boy's house. I text Harry to tell him I can eat with them.

Liam's POV:

Harry walked Alison out and then a couple minutes later Niall went out, then Niall came in and went up to his room. Then, about 5 minutes later Harry came back in with a huge smile on his face and he sat down on the couch. "Dude, what happened? Why are you so happy?" I ask. "Because she said yes. I asked her to be my girlfriend and she said yes. Alison is my girlfriend!" he exclaims. Wow, I've never seen Harry this happy. "Dude, that's awesome," Zayn says to Harry. Harry just smiles. We continue to watch TV for about an hour and I notice that Niall still hasn't come down from his room. That's weird, that's not like Niall. "Hey guys, why isn't Niall down here?" I ask "Um.. I don't know," Zayn says. "Yeah, that's weird, he's been up in his room for about an hour," Lou says. "I'm gonna go see what's up," I say, standing up. I walk up the stairs and knock on the door. "Come in."

Niall's POV:

I was sitting on my bed wondering what she said. I'm sure she said yes. I'm so stupid. I should have walked her out. I should have asked her before he had a chance. It might be hard for me if they're together, but I can't let this ruin my friendship with Hazza. No, I can't, I'll just be friends with Alison. I mean, I just met her, I can't be in love with her. I can't be upset if she dates Harry. I just met her. I'm sure she'll be a great friend. Plus, I don't know for sure that she said yes, but I'll be fine either way. I'm sure she said yes though, I mean Harry's a catch. If she said yes, I'm happy for him. I guess I'll find out what she said. I hear a knock on my door. "Come in," I say. My door opens and Liam walks in. "Hey Li," I say. "Hey, Nialler. What's up?" he says. "Not much. Just thinking," I say. "Oh, we were just wondering why you were staying up here. What are you thinking about?" Liam asks. "Just thinking, not really about anything in particular," I lie. "Oh, alright. Well, you should come hangout with us," he says. "Alright," I say, standing up. We start to walk downstairs and Liam says, "Oh, guess what," "What?" I ask. "Harry asked Alison out," he says. "Really? What did she say?" I ask, curiously, but at the same time not wanting to know. "She said yes. He's so happy, I don't know if I've ever seen him this happy. Our little Liam's growing up," Liam jokes. I manage a laugh. I guess me and Alison are gonna be friends, and I'm happy for Hazza, I really am. We continue to walk down the stairs and to the couch with the guys. I sit next to Harry and say, "Hazza, I hear you got yourself a girlyfriend," I say, laughing and nudging him in the shoulder playfully. I really am happy for him. He laughs and says, "I do, I do," I can tell he's truly happy. Liam's right, I don't think I've ever seen him this happy before. I'm glad he asked her out, I'm glad it was him and not me because I'm happy that he's this happy and he wouldn't be this happy if it was me that was with her.  

Louis' POV:

Alison is so cool, she's so hilarious and Harry is so happy because of her. I can tell we're gonna be good friends.

Zayn's POV:

Alison is the coolest. And she said she's gonna buy me a mirror, haha, this girl's gonna be my best friends, but it kinda seemed like he liked Alison and now she's dating Harry, but whatever, I'm cool as long as nobody's fighting. But a mirror! She's gonna buy me a mirror! What a great person!

Harry's POV:

Niall seems happy for me. This is great, I was scared it was gonna tear us apart but I don't think it is. We kept watching TV and just hanging out when I got a text from Alison saying she could eat with us and that she was on her way. "Guys, Alison's on her way over. She's gonna eat with us," I say to the guys. "Alright," they say. "Okay, what do you guys want for dinner?" I ask. "PIZZA!" they all scream. I laugh and say, "Alright, I'll call and order the usual." Just then Alison walked in and came and sat next to me on the couch. I gave her a kiss and then called and ordered dinner.

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