Love Triangles

Alison's dad has abused her since the divorce. What happens when she moves in with her mom and find out that her mom lives next door to One Direction? All of a sudden they're caught in a triangle of love triangles and friendships and relationships are being put to the test.


16. Author's Note

Hey guys! Sorry that I'm adding a bunch of short chapters. I'm stuck using my phone until July 2nd cuz I'm stuck visiting my stupid "dad" until July 1st but when I get home, I can use the computer again and they'll start getting good! I pinky promise! I'm gonna be updating long chapters every day over the summer starting July 2nd. Sorry, please bear with me! P.S. Never visit my stupid "dad". It sucks! Also, does anyone know how to get my movella on the 1D fanfiction app?? If you do, please comment or email me at Thanks!!! Luv ya all!
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