Remember Me

When you move on from what had happened in the past, and grow from it. That one person comes back in your life, but has he truly change? Emma Davis is a girl who went to Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School. She was bullied by her appearance. The most popular girl in school, Christine Murdoch, and her boyfriend, Harry Styles have gone to far. Emma graduates and moves on, But then she somehow meets Harry Styles at his concert? Will she ever forgive him?


6. Chapter 6

       I ran back to the car. SHIT!!! I don't have the keys.. Jessie ran nest to me. "Why did you run away?" she asked. Jenny walked up to us. "Because." I answered back. "Because what?" Jessie said slamming her hand on the car. "Because." I said beginning to have tears forming in my eyes. "Because what?" Jessie said softer.

     "Because." I hesitated. "Remember when we first met, and I told you how I was bullied by a girl and her boyfriend in highschool.?" I asked. " Yeah why?" She said. " Harry Styles is that boy."I said as tears rolled down my face. "WHAT!!!!, YOU WENT TO SCHOOL WITH HARRY STYLES?" jenny screamed. I nodded and rolled my eyes.

      The boys had came out from hiding. They were hiding on the other side of the car the whole time. "Wait Emma." Harry said. I snatched the keys from Jessie's hands, and got in the car. I slammed the door, then locked it. I started the car. They all started surrounding the car. Trying to block me from driving.

     "Get out the way." I shouted, and honked at them. "No, just stop Emma." Jessie said. I pretended I was about to drive, by revving the engine. They moved out the way scared. I backed ou, and droveoff.


Harry POV

I stood with the boys where Jessie told ud to stay. We were listening to their conversation. A lightbulb went off in my head. I knew who she was. She's Emma Davis. Christine ue to make me bully her. I wanted to fit in, so what was I suppose to do. I regretted it everday I went home after school. She must hate me. I would hate me if i was her. She's so beautiful. "Why would you do that to her Harry?" Niall whispered glaring at me.




So Emma finally opens up who her bullies were to Jessie, and Harry was just ughh i can't explain. Niall was protecting Emma. Does he like her? Find out in the next chapter or so Cx


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