Remember Me

When you move on from what had happened in the past, and grow from it. That one person comes back in your life, but has he truly change? Emma Davis is a girl who went to Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School. She was bullied by her appearance. The most popular girl in school, Christine Murdoch, and her boyfriend, Harry Styles have gone to far. Emma graduates and moves on, But then she somehow meets Harry Styles at his concert? Will she ever forgive him?


4. Chapter 4



                                                                                      ~ TWO YEARS LATER~


        I had moved in with Jessie, and her family. We were sitting in our room talking. "So may parents are making me take Jenny to this band's signing" Jessie said. (Jessie is Jessie's 13 year old sister) "What band?" I asked curiously. "PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COME WITH ME, I DON'T WANT TO GO ALONE WITH JENNY." She begged. "What band?" I asked again. "One Direction" she whispered under her breath. "Who?" i said confused. "ONE DIRECTION!!!" she shouted in my ear.


       Jenny ran in. "I heard One Direction." she said jumping. I just laughed as she left. "No way, I don't want to see 5 boys signing autographs." I said. I wasn't exactly a big fan of them. I like their songs, but not exactly them. I've never really seen any of their pictures. "PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE" Jessie said with a puppy dog face. "Fine" I said finally giving in. "I hate it when you use that face on me."  I said to her. " Oh well." she said. It was 12 noon right now. "So when is the signing?" I asked rolling my eyes. "We leave at 2 and get there arou nd 3:30 or so" Jessie said. I laid back on my bed, and watched TV.



Kinda short, the others will be longer i swear.

comment and tell me what you think please. 

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