Remember Me

When you move on from what had happened in the past, and grow from it. That one person comes back in your life, but has he truly change? Emma Davis is a girl who went to Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School. She was bullied by her appearance. The most popular girl in school, Christine Murdoch, and her boyfriend, Harry Styles have gone to far. Emma graduates and moves on, But then she somehow meets Harry Styles at his concert? Will she ever forgive him?


3. Chapter 3


                                                                                                ~ A YEAR LATER~


         A year had pass. I'm 16 now. I still got bullied in school last year, but i graduated and moved on. I also got contacts, and got my braces taken off. After we graduated, Harry broke up with Christine, and left to go on X-Factor. I still have no friends. I thought to myself, while i was sitting in a cafe. Just sitting there thinking to myself. Then this girl came up to me.


          " Hi my name is Jessie." she said. "Umm hi my name is Emma" i said. "So are you new here?" I asked her. "No I"ve been here my whole life" she said. "Oh really I've never seen you around, and not to be rude or anything why did you come sit with me?" I asked her. "I don't really have any friends ,and i'm drop dead ugly." I added. I showed her a picture of me with my glasses, and braces. "You"re no ugly, and those people who bullied you are assholes" "You're beautiful, with or without braces and glasses." " you seem really cool, and I would love to get to know you better." Jessie said smiling at me. We talked, and exchanged numbers. After awhile we beacame bestfriends.




 Sorry this one kind of short. I'll try harder to make them longer. Hope you liked it.

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