Remember Me

When you move on from what had happened in the past, and grow from it. That one person comes back in your life, but has he truly change? Emma Davis is a girl who went to Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School. She was bullied by her appearance. The most popular girl in school, Christine Murdoch, and her boyfriend, Harry Styles have gone to far. Emma graduates and moves on, But then she somehow meets Harry Styles at his concert? Will she ever forgive him?


2. Chapter 2

        I ran home, and looked at myself in the mirror. They're I'm ugly. I changed into my work clothes, and put my hair in a messy bun. I decided to walk to work, and save gas. "Hi Rose!" i called to my boss. "Hey Emma,how was your day so far?" she asked. "Horrible!" I frowned. "Don't worry they'll regret it one day" she reassured me. Rose was the only person that knew the whole story. I guess you can say we're friends, but we barely hang out. I snapped out of my thoughts, and began to take orders and served some customers.


       Then Christiine, Harry, and their posse came in, and sat down at a table. "Hey Emma, can you take that table for me, Rose wants to talk to me" one of my co-workers asked. "Ummm sure" I said kind of hesitating, but I had no choice. I slowly walked over to their table. " Hey guys look it's the ugly mutt again" Christine said earning laughs from the table, but Harry. I actually thought he was gonna do something nice, but i was wrong another insult came out. "Babe don't sat that it's an insult to mutts." Harry said laughing. I tried pushing it away. I quickly took their orders. "One caramel frappicino, two white chcolate mochas, and an ice coffee." I said to the coffeemaker. They were done quickly.


       I went to go serve them their drinks. While I was putting down the drinks Christine grabbed one the the whit chocolate mochas off the tray, and "accidentally" spilled it on me. I screamed as the scorching hot coffee dripped down my body. "Oops I'm sorry it slipped" she said laughing along with Harry, and their posse. Rose quickly ran out when she heard me scream. "What happened?" she asked. " Nothing, she just spilled coffee on herself when she was serving us." Harry said covering for Christine. " Is this true Emma?" she asked me. I looked over at Christine. She gave me that look that said " say yes or else". I nodded. "Okay then you could take the rest of the day off. "You're not firing me?"  I questioned. She shook her head.


         I was in pain. I went home with tears streaming down my face. I filled my bathtub with water. I got the knife i stored in one of the cabinets below the sink, and slit my wrist. Crimson blood was dropping from my wrist. I climbed into the bath, and soaked for an hour. I got out, and got dressed. Then walked to the kitchen to get a tub of ice cream, and sat down on the coach in the liveing room. i watched some TV with tears in my eyes. After crying my eyes out I fell asleep.






Well i forgot to add an author note on the first chapter, so comment and tell me what you think for both chapters.


                                                                                                                                                                               ~T.N. Nguyen







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