Remember Me

When you move on from what had happened in the past, and grow from it. That one person comes back in your life, but has he truly change? Emma Davis is a girl who went to Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School. She was bullied by her appearance. The most popular girl in school, Christine Murdoch, and her boyfriend, Harry Styles have gone to far. Emma graduates and moves on, But then she somehow meets Harry Styles at his concert? Will she ever forgive him?


1. Chapter 1

       I'm Emma Davis. I go to Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School. I get bullied in school because I wear glasses and have braces. I was walking to my locker. I was passing by the most popular girl in school, Christine Murdoch, and her boyfriend, Harry Styles.

      AHHH!!! i screamed as I feel face down on the ground. I was tripped by Christine. I quickly got up, and saw everyone laughing at me. I felt embarrassed. I saw Christine grinning at Harry. She gave him a long kiss. I was pretty sure that her tongue was down his throat. My face was red, and i had tears streaming down my face. I quickly ran to the restroom.

       I sat down in the corner of the restroom, and thought about my life. My parents left me on my own when i was 12. They left me money for school, and anything i needed. I was running low on the money from my parents. I worked at a coffeehouse that doesn't really help pay much, but it helps with food.  

        The bell rang for us to go to class. I quickly got up, and walked to class. The teacher wasn't there yet. Everyone was talking , but it got quiet when I walked in. " Hey look it's that nerd that fell in the hall" Harry shouted. I felt tears forming in my eyes. I quickly wiped them away. " Hey sweetie I was doing your face a favor" Christine added, and then kissed Harry. " Nice one babe" i heard Harry say to her. Everyone in the room was laughing their butts off at me. I started crying softly. I have no friends. Everyone makes fun of me, and i'm ugly.  I have to put up with this for another year then I could leave this place forever.

        Class had began. When the teacher wasn't looking, people would throw paper ,and spit spitballs at me. I got out of my seat ,and ran out of the classroom. I ran all the way down the hall,dropped down to my knees ,and cried. I had no one in my life. The bell rang for school to end. I got up, and ran before anyone could see me. I had to go to work now. 

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