More Than This

When one of the boys finds their true love, will she feel the same? Will one of the others step in? Guess you have to read it to find out :)


1. Lunch




                 "And let me kiss you" 

                "Alright boys! That was great, now you go get some rest and we'll see you back here tonight at 7 o'clock." I think the mans name was Dave, he was the sound coordinator here at the Pepsi Center. Our last show is here in Denver, Colorado. All of the other boys, well except for Harry, have dates for this week. So basically I'm on my own because I'm sure Harry will find some insecure girl to hook up with. He always does.  Zayn has Perri, Liam has Danielle, Louis has El and all of them are gonna be going out all week. Harry usually has at least one one-night-stand. I'm not into that though. 

               "Hey, Niall! We're all gonna go get some lunch then head to the hotel. You comin'?" I heard Zayn ask. 

                "Hell yeah! You know I'm in if there's food!" Everyone echoed a laugh as I answered. We decided to go to the 16th Street Mall, I have to admit, it's pretty cool. And it was pretty crowded so we got through without anyone noticing us. "What about that place?" I asked pointing to a building with the name "Sams 3". Everyone agreed and we headed over.

      To Zayn: We are giving one special girl a chance to come up on stage with you guys during Little Things. You guys can chose who it is. Also, she will get to come backstage with all of you. See you soon!


              After Zayn told us the news I was pretty stoked. I always loved meeting fans. And you never know, the future Mrs. Horan could be out there tonight. 



                   'Sorry it's short, please comment if I should keep going'

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