More Than This

When one of the boys finds their true love, will she feel the same? Will one of the others step in? Guess you have to read it to find out :)


2. Happy Birthday

Christas POV

            “Hey, Christa! Wait up!” Within just a few seconds I felt a hand on my arm spinning me around. Before I have a chance to see who it is, arms are around me and my head is buried in his chest. “Happy birthday,” he whispers. Tyler has been my best friend since birth. He was my first “boyfriend” in preschool. We spent every waking moment together until we grew up and had other things. We still see each other every day though. “Thank you, but I can’t breathe,” I managed to choke out. He let go and smiled at me. “Right, sorry about that.” He was tall with beautiful blue eyes, brown hair, the most amazing farmers tan and country accent I’ve ever heard. I never did understand the accent; we were from Colorado, although we lived in Canon City which was pretty “country”.

            “What’re you doin’ tonight?” Before I could answer he finished his thought. “Nothing’? Perfect, Imma pick you up at 8. Be ready!” And with that he was gone. Oh yeah, it’s my birthday. The big 18. I’m not really a fan of birthdays, growing up scares me which is why I don’t like people celebrating my birthday. The rest of the day was pretty boring, just school. I got home at about 4 and wasted the next 2 hours away.

            I wasn’t sure where we were going so I had no clue what to wear. I decided to go with something dressy yet casual. White skinny jeans, a teal off the shoulder and my blue vans. I left my medium-length dirty blonde hair down and let my natural small curls rest on my back. At exactly 8 o’clock I heard a knock on the door. “Mom! Tyler and I are going out. Don’t wait up for me.” I yelled out to my mom then was out the door.

            “Where are we going Ty?” All he did was smile at me, “That’s for me to know and for you to find adorable,” he replied. The car ride was pretty quiet. Mostly consisted of us singing along to KYGO country radio. Next thing I knew we were pulling up to my favorite restaurant, Casa Bonita! I couldn’t believe it, not many people knew much about me so I was glad to know that he knew where I liked to eat. Then again, he knew everything about me, from my favorite color to my first kiss. But he was my first kiss, we were in 8th grade and wanted to know what it was like and were suddenly kissing. It only happened once though.

            Dinner went by slowly, thankfully because I was having such a good time. “Okay, it’s time for me to give you your gift…. Close your eyes,” I sat there confused for a few seconds, not sure if I should trust him. “C’mon, or else I’ll just keep it for myself.” And with that I closed my eyes. Soon after I felt two pieces of paper in my hand. Ty knew I wanted to go to the One Direction concert but I didn’t expect this. I couldn’t wait any longer, I opened my eyes and let out a loud scream without even thinking. “Oh. My. Gosh! Thank you so much Tyler!” I wrapped my arms around him and squeezed him until he turned purple. “No problem, I got the extra ticket just in case. I don’t really wanna go but I’m sure you have someone else to take. You don’t even have to use it.” “Umm no… you’re my best friend, therefore you are going!” he just laughed and agreed. I couldn’t believe that I actually had front row seats to a One Direction concert! This is by far the best surprise ever.



Let me know what you guys think! Should I keep going?

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