A Play Called Life

Every person has a role in this play we call life. It might be to survive. It might be to enjoy the life you have it may be to find the love of your life. But how come people aways jepordize it? And how come people tell you their your friends but then go and stab you in the back? It's crazy.
What is the greatest pain in life?
Well heres MY story...


5. New family?!

   "We can't just let her go." The woman said.

  The man crossed his arms, "I know that Carrie, but, can we just keep her as our own?"

  Carrie was her name.

  Carrie looked at me then back at the man, "Your a lawyer. Talk to social services and see what we can do, until then she's staying with us." Carrie gave me a reassuring smile.

  "Ok." The man said going back into the bedroom.

  "What's your name?" Carrie asked.

  "Maddy." I responded.

   "Beautiful name." Carrie complimented.

 "Thanks." I murmered.

  "Well, you heard my name, but that's Issac, by husband." Carrie told.

  "Ok." i said.

Issac came back out, "Well, the social services said that she's either going to half to go to an adoption agency or we can adopt her as our own."

  Carrie smiled big, "Lets keep her, if she's okay with it."

  "As long as i know I'm safe and loved I'll stay." I told them.

     "Great." The man smiled, "Welcome home."

  I sighed and closed my eyes. I actually felt safe here. I felt like I might have found a place where I'll be loved and not forgotten. But, this wasn't the end of my troubles. No sir.

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