A Play Called Life

Every person has a role in this play we call life. It might be to survive. It might be to enjoy the life you have it may be to find the love of your life. But how come people aways jepordize it? And how come people tell you their your friends but then go and stab you in the back? It's crazy.
What is the greatest pain in life?
Well heres MY story...


1. Introduction

   My name is Maddy. Everyday I'm reminded of how my life is a piece of crap. Noone see's who i truly am I'm affriad noone will. If the would just look deeper into my heart. If they would pay attention to why i feel like im breaking on the inside. If only they could see the reason why I lock myself in my roomand turn the radio up so loud noon can here me scream. I had friends. They all stabbed me in the back. Everyone i know or have known has never understood me, if they don't get me they don't get the true pain.

I need to feel welcomed i need to feel like I belong here. But noone agrees with me, that i should have never been granted with such a bitter-sweetness called life.

I don't even have a role in this play we call life.

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