Nothing can stop us

When 18 year old Malery moves to London it's everything she hoped it would be. But when Malery and her best friend Abbi get into a fight Malery goes to her favorite place to be. The forest behind her apartment building. Little did she know that she wasn't the only one there


6. Surprise

--NIALL'S POV-- While we were at the mall Zayn got a bunch of stuff but I only got a shirt and a few snap backs. We were wondering around the mall when I saw a girl that looked exactly like Malery. I know I'm suppose to say that this wasn't as pretty as Malery, but they looked exactly alike. She turned around so I got a clearer look at her and it WAS Malery. I couldn't believe it. She could've just told me she didn't want to go but instead she had to lie to me. I had to confront her. I walked up behind her and tapped on her shoulder. When she saw me all the color drained her face. "Something's come up? If you didn't want to come to the café you could've just told the truth but instead you lie to me. I can handle truth." That came out louder than I wanted it to. Now everyone was looking at us. I felt me face start to burn. "Listen Niall, I did want to come but..." She looked back at her friend and pulled me away from everyone. She let out a sigh and spoke in a hushed tone. " I can't tell you the real reason that I couldn't go" her eyes started to get watery. "You can tell me. I promise" I said.  She looked me straight in the eyes. "Do you promise?" I stood up straight and puffed out my chest. "Cross my heart and hope to die" I said while making an 'X' over my heart. She let out a little giggle before telling me the story of what actually happened. I felt like a piece of shit for blowing up in her face. She was just trying to comfort her friend. "I'm sorry. I..." "No, it's fine you didn't know. I completely understand." She interrupted. "Well I'll let you get back to your 'girl day'" I said trying to lighten the mood. We turn back around and I'm stunned. There us Abbi crying into Zayn's shoulder. Zayn was hugging her and rubbing her back. Zayn then took hold of Abbi's hand and started walking away from us. --MAKERY'S POV-- I couldn't believe my eyes. Abbi had said no boys but now here she was hugging Zayn. I felt my phone buzzed and saw the Abbi texted me. -From: Abbi: you and Niall can go do what you want :)- I looked up at Niall who was still watching Abbi and Zayn walk away. "Well do you still want to go to that café?" I smiled " what about 'girl day'? He asked. He started to smile too. " It seems as if 'girl day' has been canceled" 


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