Nothing can stop us

When 18 year old Malery moves to London it's everything she hoped it would be. But when Malery and her best friend Abbi get into a fight Malery goes to her favorite place to be. The forest behind her apartment building. Little did she know that she wasn't the only one there


5. Never again

--MALERY'S POV-- I woke up to the sound of my phone buzzing. It was Niall. 

[-From: The Niallator: Morning. I was wondering if you want to to that café down the road from my house with me and the guys.  -To: The Niallator: Yea sure but can I bring my friend Abbi? -From: The Niallator: Of course. Be at my house in about an hour. See you there :)] I got out of bed feeling like a zombie. I walk down the hall to Abbi's room only to find that she isn't there. I walk into the kitchen and as I round the corner, my heart drops. There was Abbi hunched over on the floor, with a knife to her arm.  I rush over, snatch up the knife and throw it across the room. I look down and see cuts all up her forearm. A tear escapes my eye as I knelt down besides her, embracing her in my arm. She was now crying into my shoulder. "Abbi, why would you do this?" I asked. "Because Ryan was all I had and now he's gone. And you were texting me about Niall and I could help but wish I had that for myself." she said between sniffles. Was this my fault? Did me texting her about Niall send her over the edge? "Abbi I will be here for you no matter what and I will always be by your side but please... don't ever do this again" At this point my face was covered in tears. She nodded slightly and I slowly got up and guided her to the sink. Once I got a washcloth wet, I dabbed it on her arm. She winced at the pain. "Abbi how can I make you feel better?"  I say trying to stop crying. " I don't know I just want to spend some time with you like a... girl day. No guys. Just us" I could tell she really wanted this. "of course. I promise, no guys" After I was done cleaning her up I remembered why I was originally looking for her. I really wanted to go with Niall but Abbi wanted a girl day and dammit I was going to give that to her. I sent Niall a quick text and got ready for me and Abbi's girl day. --NIALL'S POV-- I read the text. [-From:Malery <3: sorry something came up. Maybe next time :/] I understood but was she just lieing because she didn't want to see me. Right as I was about to call him, Zayn walked through the door and saw that I was upset. "What's wrong?" I was about to tell him but I realized he would just laugh at me. "Nothing, I'm fine" he looked unsatisfied but went with it. "well, I'm going to the mall to get some new trouser and was wondering if you wanted to come." I agreed and we were off to the mall. 
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