Nothing can stop us

When 18 year old Malery moves to London it's everything she hoped it would be. But when Malery and her best friend Abbi get into a fight Malery goes to her favorite place to be. The forest behind her apartment building. Little did she know that she wasn't the only one there


4. Movie

--NIALL'S POV-- "so you finally got yourself a girl" Harry said "Harry, Malery and I aren't dating" why did everyone think we were dating? "But you like her don't you?" I swear Harry could read my mind. "Well yeah but we only just met and I want to take things slow" Harry looked straight into my eyes. "Take things slow but not too slow. Got it?" I nodded my head and smiled at me. "Ok now go out there and suggest that we all watch a movie cuz then you can sit next to her. Also when you're picking out a movie, pick a romantic one cuz that shows that you're a romantic guy." I chuckled at how much of a flirt Harry was. I walked into the kitchen and did exactly what Harry told me to do. I picked to movie Titanic and sat next to Malery on the couch. About halfway through the movie she rested her head on my shoulder and ended up falling asleep. I could feel Harry's eyes on me so I turned to him and mouthed the words 'thank you'. He just smiled in return and went back to watching the movie. After the movie ended Harry, Liam, Zayn  had fallen asleep too. I figured it was time to take Malery home. I tapped on her shoulder and she woke up wondering why I woke her. "I think it's time to get you home" I said. She smiled and stood up drowsily. Wait how was I going to get this girl home? I didn't have my drivers license and I wasn't going to walk her home in the dark. I looked around and saw Louis with his eyes glued to his phone. "Hey Lou, could you drive Malery and I to her house so we can drop her off. I'm feeling pretty tired" Louis knew I wouldn't admit to not having my license in front of a girl I liked. So he then turned off his phone and drove us to Malery's house as she attempted to give us directions half asleep. Once we were at her house I walked her to her doorway as Louis waited in the car. Just then she said something I couldn't believe. "Maybe we should hang-out some other time" all I could do was hand her my phone and say "Here you can put your number in my phone." she smiled and handed me her phone so I could give her my number. After we were done she walked inside and I ran to the car. "I got her number" I said to Louis. "Well let me pull out of her driveway before you start squealing like a 13 year old girl" I didn't even answer because I was mentally going over my calendar trying to figure out when I could see her again. 

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