Only 2 Can Keep a Secret if 1 of them is Dead

(Technically a story like Pretty Little Liars but with plot twist) 5 best friends are having a great sleep over one night, but one of them goes missing. What happens when exactly a month later, they find Annabelles body. The 4 that are still alive, go hunting for the killer with Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Harry. They all recieve texts about there own secrets and wonder how this person found out about them. The killer also signs the texts with - A.B Who is the killer? What will happen?


3. Who's A?

Mia's p.o.v

Niall, Harry and I drove to school in my Audi R8. As we arrived, I hoped to reunite with my once best friends. I searched through the hall way of the school and I found them by  Jordan's locker. I imediately wrapped my arms around them. "I missed you guys!" We all talked about how much we missed eachother. "Do you think we should make a memorial for Annabelle to show how much she means to us?" Mary asked. Mary is soo sweet and caring.

"That's a great idea!" Adrianna stated. We started talking about what we should do when the boys came up to us. "Hey guys we missed you!" We each took the time to hug Louis, Liam, Niall, Harry and Zayn. "Sooo what were you girls talking about before we interupted?" Harry asked. I grinned madly. I had a 'tiny' crush on him and only Niall knows and he teases me about it constantly. "We were planning a memorial for Annabelle." Adrianna replied. We nodded. "Thats a great idea! We should also decorate the bench downtown Annabelle use to sit and talk to a random person. She loved sitting there. We should each engrave something in the cement about how we felt about her and place flowers." Liam said

"Yeah! And Anna gave me a bowl with 5 people on it and said it represented us girls. Some looked weak, but some looked strong." I answered. When the bell rang, I went to class with Louis, Zayn, and Jordan. While listening to a boring lecture about the 10 commandments, I recieved a text. It said,"I know what you did last summer. -A" I freaked out. Okay, last summer, Anna made us and the boys do something terrible to someone.


"Anna, he doesnt look through the window," I said.  "Okay bitch are you defending Reece or me?" Annabelle said. "You," I said. Annabelle was making us girls and guys light a match and throw it in his house just because she thought he looked through my window when we all were here. We krept to the open window of his house, Anna peeked in, gasped at something, and threw the match in. As soon as it started catching more and more fire, we ran.

Flashback Ended

How did anyone known about that? And who is A? I gasped and the teacher heard. "Care to tell us what your reading?" He glared at me. "Sorry sir." I sunk into my chair. Louis, Zayn and Jordan stared at me in a questioning way. Is it possible Annabelle is alive? Is she A? She must be, she is the only one who knew about that. As soon as class ended, I ran out first and the 'group' followed.

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