Only 2 Can Keep a Secret if 1 of them is Dead

(Technically a story like Pretty Little Liars but with plot twist) 5 best friends are having a great sleep over one night, but one of them goes missing. What happens when exactly a month later, they find Annabelles body. The 4 that are still alive, go hunting for the killer with Niall, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Harry. They all recieve texts about there own secrets and wonder how this person found out about them. The killer also signs the texts with - A.B Who is the killer? What will happen?


1. Disappear

   Mia's P.O.V

Mary, Adrianna, Jordan and I were sitting in our treehouse that Niall, my brother, had made for us. "Want to watch a scary film?" Adrianna asked, being the fearless one she is. We each replied with a head nod and Adri (Adrianna) looked through the cds. "Hey where is Annabelle?" Jordan asked. We each shrugged our shoulders knowing Annabelle is 'fashionably' late. When we each sat down on the couch to get settled in. We heard multiple tree branches move and it made Jordan and Mary petrified. "What was that?!" they both yelped. "Chill out, it was probably just the wind."

Then we heard it again and a shadow show up by the window. It appeard to be a knife. "AAAHHH!" We all screamed and hid behind eachother. "You guys are babies," Adri said walking at a slow pace to the door making all of us anxious. "Dont go!" Jordan screamed. Adri ignored her and opened the door and we all shrieked. "BOO!" Annabelle yelled. We all grumbled and got off the floor. "You scared the crap out of us!" Mary cried. Annabelle just took her seat in a bean bag. "Aw well. Do we have flash lights? Its kinda dark." Annabelle asked. "No but there are some in the house. Go get them?" I asked. She headed towards the door.



Its been about 10 minutes since Annabelle left and we started to worry. "Do you think she is playing with us again?" Adrianna asked. "I dont know, knowing Anna(Belle), she would have got bored of herself." I replied. "Lets go look." I said. Mary and Jordan whined. "Its dark out though!" they cried. "Fine, Mia and I will just leave you in the dark treehouse,  where its quiet and the only sound will be is of the tree banging against the window," Adrianna started. The girls dived for their shoes while Adri and I giggled. "Come on,"

When we reached to the ground, we heard a girlie shriek full of fear and terror. "Annabelle!?" I yelled, running trying to find the direction the sound came from. The girls did the same. "Go get the boys," I shouted to Mary. She ran inside. Then we heard crumpled leaves on the floor. Someone was running. I followed while Jordan and Adri called for me to come back. Then I heard Lou shout," Where is she going?!". I ran into the woods, hot on this persons track.

I didnt know who it was, but who would be roaming around a girls house at night? Tree branches hit my face as I tried to catch up to the person. Daaang I should have probably taken Cross Country Running instead of soccer. " Who are you!?" I yelled at the person in front of me. They were wearing a black hoodie, black boots, black gloves, etc. When I almost pulled the hoodie off, the person stopped imediately and stuck his/her foot out. I tripped and banged my head on a tree stem. I heard sirens, and saw black shadowy figures. Then I blacked out.

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