juggling work , a baby , and a fiance .

Lizette , Is a 18 Year old Model , New Mother and Bride to be.
You might say she has alot on her plate. But thats an understatment .
She's been juggling all this for awhile now . And Doing it without any help isn't easy but she's been alone for 2 years now. Shes managed to be okay so far
and on top of that , Her Fiance is in a boy band , but not just any boy band No , his in One Direction Only the biggets boyband in the world , and he happens to be Harry Styles.


8. What i love to do

I got all dolled up , for my first look then went , and had the photogropher take about a million before i went to change into my second look.

Luckily ally was still sound asleep , but she would have to eat in about 30 minutes . Hopefully i finish the second look before she gets mad.

I Love taking pictures , it makes me Feel... Beautiful even though harry and everyone else tell me that i am , i don't always think its true . Especially since i had Allyson ive been feeling really insecure lately.

Even though i lost all the baby weight i still feel , fat & ugly . But when im in front of the camera in these gorgeous clothes . its like im in a different world .i feel Beautiful and i actually believe it!!

Its an amazing feeeling getting your pictures taken , and having them in magazines Thousands of people knowing who you are , and admiring you Greatest feeling in the world besides being a mother of course.

But I love having little girls tell me they want to be ,me when they grow up , and that they admire them and that im their Idol !

Its fun having people love you and support you no matter your struggles.

I did 4 More loooks and went home , i had 2 hours before my interview ,















Sorry for the short chapter its a filler (:

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