juggling work , a baby , and a fiance .

Lizette , Is a 18 Year old Model , New Mother and Bride to be.
You might say she has alot on her plate. But thats an understatment .
She's been juggling all this for awhile now . And Doing it without any help isn't easy but she's been alone for 2 years now. Shes managed to be okay so far
and on top of that , Her Fiance is in a boy band , but not just any boy band No , his in One Direction Only the biggets boyband in the world , and he happens to be Harry Styles.


4. And Home we go

We shopped for 4 hours ! i probably could've gone longer but Ally was getting hungry and Eddy was starting to get fussy .

Once we get home i feed Ally , and put her down for a nap.

it didn't take long for her too pass out , i tuck her in her crib and go dowstairs to video chat harry .

Its12 in London and 6 in LA  , Harry Anwers my video chat request quickly

*Heyyy Beatiful !

Heyy Handsome !

*Whats up babe?

Nothing just got home from shopping with el and eddy .

* Aww , thats good that you had fun . I heard eddy is getting big !

He is ! his already 10 months old! he looks like 3 times bigger than Allyson!

* Haha what is El , feeding him

Everything Apparently haha

* Right! haha so hows Ally bug?

Shes taking a nap , shes worn out from shopping all day!

* Haha just like her mummy , loves to shop!

haha of course!

* Hhaha i miss hearing your laugh

aww , babe i miss your cheeky self too!

* soon enough i will you again! you need to come back home to london!

I know ! hopefully i go back in a month ,, i need too see my scheduel

* hopefully you don't have too work i miss both my princesses soo much!

I know , ill try to let you know by tomorrow

* alright is ally bug going with you tomorrow to your shoot

Yepp , so what you doing babe

* chillen with the lads !

I see Nialler!

* Haha Yeah his eating

of course he is ! he eats more than ally! haaha

* Aye , i heard that!!

Hahha Sorry nialler

* haha ,

did the boys just wake up?

*yeah like 30 minutes ago!

Hungover ? haha isn't it noon in london?

*Hahah just a little , yeah its 12;30

shame!! , what do you have in your agenda today love

* we have a interview at 3 then a show at 7 and thats all

Good luck , tonight!! Have fun , but not too much fun!

* haha ill try not too! Whats your agenda for the rest of the day

The usual take care of our daughter . oh you know

* haha Fun!

right . oh well baby tell the boys i said hey and good luck tonight! i hear ally starting to wake up

* alright love you Lizzard , And ally bug , call me before 6 ?

Okay , ill try too call you at 5 so you can see Allyson before your show tonight

* Okay thanks babe i love you muahhhhh!

Muahhhh love you too harry!

1;55 minutes

After chatting with harry , i ran upstairs cuz i could hear ally start to wake up.

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