juggling work , a baby , and a fiance .

Lizette , Is a 18 Year old Model , New Mother and Bride to be.
You might say she has alot on her plate. But thats an understatment .
She's been juggling all this for awhile now . And Doing it without any help isn't easy but she's been alone for 2 years now. Shes managed to be okay so far
and on top of that , Her Fiance is in a boy band , but not just any boy band No , his in One Direction Only the biggets boyband in the world , and he happens to be Harry Styles.


12. A/n

Heyy Guys , Sorry Ive tooken so long to update ive been pretty busy with school and all.

And sorry if my last chapter was short and crappy , ill update as soon as i can .

but anyways , How Are Yall Spending Your Easter Break ?

Let me know what you think of my story so far , and ill promise ill update !!! Thank You (:



OOH and before i forget Yall should go check out my fanfaction on wattpad , its called "Our New Begininng" And My Name on wattpad is 'Dianaahh_16'

Check it out !! Thanks (:

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