juggling work , a baby , and a fiance .

Lizette , Is a 18 Year old Model , New Mother and Bride to be.
You might say she has alot on her plate. But thats an understatment .
She's been juggling all this for awhile now . And Doing it without any help isn't easy but she's been alone for 2 years now. Shes managed to be okay so far
and on top of that , Her Fiance is in a boy band , but not just any boy band No , his in One Direction Only the biggets boyband in the world , and he happens to be Harry Styles.


11. Allybug

After my , interview i went to Yessys house to pick ally up. She's probably awake now its been about 40 minutes since i left.

When i pull up to her driveway there all outside waiting for me , Yessy's holding Ally , and I'Zae Is holding Mickey.

ALLY! I run up to her as if i hadn't seen her in forever and her face just lights up once she sees me.

I Missed You Baby i say to her as Yessy hands her too me . , Then I greet I"zae

Hey There Mr. Model i tease him

haha Hey There Mrs. Model ! Haha

he hugs me and Ally .

How was the interview Liz ? He asks walking inside , i follow him inside,

Ahh It was alright i guess , im just glad its over.

haha I Thought you liked interviews ?

I do , its just that they always ask the same boring crap it gets old after awhile. I rather be home with my Allybug than answer a million question that ive answered a million times before .


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