hi my name is bre edwards my sister is perrie edwards. NOW READ THIS BOOK>


6. The switch

Bres P.O.V) I woke up with my head pounding. I looked at the clock. 2:43. I stood up. I looked at the floor. Shattered plates,My fathers necklace,torn in two halfs. I sighed. I went to go wake perrie up,who was snoring on the floor. I walked over to her. But then I realized she looked just like me. She had the cut,the neon green glasses,the purple hoodie,the cherrie earrings,the zebra print jeans,the pink high tops. That WAS me. I was looking at myself. This had to be a dream. I looked again,and again at perrie or me or whoever that is. I ran to the mirror. I looked just like perrie. I had perries hoops, her black leather jacket,her black jeans,her tall black high heels. I ran and poked her hard. "What?" She half yelled. "I'm you,your me." I whispered. "Quit fooling around,now what do ya want?" She said. "I'm not fooling around,I'm serious." She ran to the mirror. "Holy shit." She said. That was that. We switched bodies. She had my mind,I had hers. And it was really creepy.

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