hi my name is bre edwards my sister is perrie edwards. NOW READ THIS BOOK>


5. Tearing

Bres P.O.V) I am the Cinderella of the house.I clean up ALL the messes. The 'spill the orange juice' messes and the 'punch a guy in the face and go to jail' kind of messes to.When she dosnt get her way she has a FIT. Not a shed a tear break a glass. No,it's the Sob it out and break someone's face."Bre,Can you come with me". That wasn't a question. That was a command. "Okay" I shrugged. I followed her to the extra room down the hall three doors to the right. "What the hell was that?" "Was what?" "Why did zayn just shake me off like that?" "Like I know." She was real mad now. She picked up some plates and shattered them all over. "NOBODY SHAKES ME OFF LIKE THAT" She slapped me. Hard. I screamed a shrill of pain. She picked up the only thing I had left of my dad. She picked up his prize Sterling silver necklace,and rip it into to pieces. Now I was furious. "YOU NEVER EVER TOUCH THAT" I screamed. I slapped her so hard so fast she just stood there,shocked. All of a sudden,A bright blue light swirled around us. I felt like I was being torn right out of my own skin. Then I just blacked out.
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