hi my name is bre edwards my sister is perrie edwards. NOW READ THIS BOOK>


11. James

Bres P.O.V) Everyone sang us the happy birthday song. And right after Zayn have me a kiss.But I felt sparks.I know Zayn is Perries boyfriend and all but Zayns lips were warm and fit mine.I felt like we were just right for each other.What the hell am I saying!!! Zayn is Perries boyfriend,Not mine.I miss my Boyfriend,James.He was just amazing.Kind of like Zayn in a way.We used to lay under the stars and talk.Somedays I would stay at his house just to get away from perrie.He knew that perrie was a bitch.He knew me better than anyone else.He had hair just like nialls but deep hazel eyes that I loved."perrie,Perrie?" I snapped my eyes open there was Maddie,Perries Best friend besides her band mates and other celebs."yeah Maddie?" "Oh,I thought you were dead,C'mon lets go ditch this lame party and go to the mall!!!" That seems like something perrie would do. "Sorry Maddie,But Katy Perry Just showed,Gotta go!!" I walked away to perrie. "Perrie,Has James showed up?" "Yes,He's right over there!!! "Oh good!!!" I walked over to James "hey James!!!" James looked at me like I was some idiot. "Hey perrie,Have you seen Bre?" Oh shit,Im perrie. Perrie is me. So James is dating perrie. "Yeah,She's right over there!!!" I put some fake smile on my face. James walked over to perrie or me or whoever.Shit.

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