hi my name is bre edwards my sister is perrie edwards. NOW READ THIS BOOK>


10. Happy Birthday

Perries P.O.V.) "Oh,Um well I came as fast as I could!!!!". "Who cares lets go!!!" Aria said. She pulled me to the other room. There was everybody. My best friends who were now Bres best friends. There were Bres best friends who were now my best friends. There was Zayn holding Bres waist and singing happy birthday to her. There was Bre giggling. There our two aunts. And our only uncle. And aria chatting with Niall. There was me. My boyfriend kissing someone else. My friends talking to someone else. And I only got one stupid friend,Aria, I only have her now. No wonder Bre has idiot friends. I treat her like shit. "Happy Birthday to you,Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Bre and Perrie happy birthday to you!!!" Everyone started singing. When the song ended I blew out my candles, Bre blew out hers. Right after that Zayn gave her a big kiss. Why did this have to happen to me?

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