hi my name is bre edwards my sister is perrie edwards. NOW READ THIS BOOK>


3. Falling For Niall,Litterally

Aria's P.O.V) I went down stairs and saw him. He was amazing,as always. Gorgeous,fabulous,Preacous,He was just undescribable. I walk down the stairs and by the third stair my legs were trembling from his beauty. And my the fourth stair i couldnt walk. And by the fifth stair,I was tumbling.I had just embarrassed myself,Big time. I Aria Marie Christofferson Had just fallen down the stairs and crash landed on Niall James Horan. I had wide eyes and my face flushed red like a stupid tomato. "O-O-Oh My God Im sooooooo sorry,Please,Please,Please forgive me!!!" He just smiled and took my hand and helped me up.I smiled but he just turned back to talking to Liam about thier new album ,Take Me Home.I feel so ashamed. I guess he dosnt like me at all. I just sighed, nodded,and walk away. Niall Horan You just let the girl of your dreams slip away.

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