hi my name is bre edwards my sister is perrie edwards. NOW READ THIS BOOK>


7. A bunch of p.o.v.s

Perries P.O.V) "Holy Shit" I said. "I know" Bre mumbled. I poked my self or Bre or whoever the hell I was. I fumbled with these dumb looking glasses. "You seriously like wearing these shitty clothes?". "Yeah, I think there awsome.". "Whatever.". "Well, you can't date Zayn, because he's my boyfriend.". Well, I kinda have to." She said. (Arias P.O.V) Where are they? I've been waiting for them for hours. I walked to the room they entered hours ago. Bre was messing with her glasses and perrie was pacing back and forth. "What are you doing? You need to be out there celebrating your birthday." I yelled. "Sorry,We'll be out in a minute." Perrie said. I walked away back to the hundreds of people in the huge mansion which was surprisingly my best friends house. It was sad that her parents weren't here considering they died in murder. I went back to talking with this random guy I met who's name was jake. (Bres P.O.V) "we'll be out in a minute" I said. Aria walked out of the room. "How should I be like you out there?" I asked. "Just stay cool,if people ask you questions just answer them randomly." "K.". We walked out into the hall. I had To pretend to be perrie. This was going to be tough.

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