It's Meant to Be

Sometimes, you fall in love with somebody you would never even consider. But, love is love; unpredictable, yet beautiful. This is how my love story begins...


2. T W O

"Uhmm, hi..." I answered shyly. 

I'm in standing in front of this friggin celebrity, what am I supposed to talk about?!

"You can sit down, you know," he said, "I won't bite."  Oops, I didn't notice that I was staring at him for such a long time. I do as he tells me to and sit down. We stare at each other for quite a while; I've never truly realized how beautiful this Irish lad was. Just beautiful. This may sound cheesy but I got lost in his eyes. Finally remembering that this was a date, I came to my senses and tried to "communicate" with this handsome man with the best of my abilities.

"So, One Direction, huh? You guys are in literally every magazine and stuff."

He broke out of his gaze. He layed a hand on my leg (my stomach was then filled with butterfiles) and answered, "Yes, I find it annoying to have to strike the same pose at every photoshoot." I left out a giggle. "Zayn seems to like it, though...poser." 

He may be different than all the other guys, after all, I thought.

"Are you...are you a fan of our music?" he said, trying to keep the conversation going.

"No, not really. The only song I know is 'What Makes You Beautiful' and it got annoying after a week," I said. Wait, I did not just say that... "Sorry, Niall. I didn't mean to say it in a-"

"Don't worry about it. I get it. You're playing hard to get," he interrupted. "I like it." He gave me a wink. "Why would I play hard to get when I'm hard to even want?" I answered, making it clear that I had insecurity issues.

He stared me deeply in the eyes, once more and layed his hands on top of mine.

"That's not true. I want y-"

"OH MY GOD. OHMYGOD. OHMYGOOOD. OHMY. GOD. NIALL?! O-M-G! NO. FLIPPING. WAY." You've got to be kidding me. This girl ruins every moment!

"The name is Chanel. I am your BIGGEST fan. I'm so happy to meet you and I bet you are too, babe," she said, vigorously shaking his hand.

Great. Just great. Now, I have no idea what Niall wanted to say because of that stupid idiot!

"I might as well wait for you in the car, Chanel," I said, grabbing my sweater and the keys from Chanel's purse.

"No, stay! We have time," Niall said.

Why in the world does he want me to stay? Me out of every human being on this planet.


The date was over. It was time for another girl to meet Niall. Chanel was strongly disappointed.

"Niall," she quickly said, knowing that his body guards would push us out of the way anytime soon, "You have my number, I tweeted it to you 376 times. Call me!" I laughed as I saw Niall roll his eyes. As I predicted, the guards came, grabbed Chanel and I and led us the way towards the parking lot.

"No, wait!" Niall shouted, taking ahold of my hand.

All I could do is look back at him and hold onto his hand for as long as I could before our fingers slip away from each other. They eventually did. I turned to gaze into his beautiful blue eyes once more, before they were out of sight.


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