It's Meant to Be

Sometimes, you fall in love with somebody you would never even consider. But, love is love; unpredictable, yet beautiful. This is how my love story begins...


3. T H R E E

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Niall's POV

The speed dating is still going on. Some girl is talking to me about her favorite mall, or something. What's her name, again? Cindy? Olivia? I just can't focus anymore. That girl I met, she's the one. She seems so genuine and honest. Not to mention how beautiful she is...Fuck, I screwed up! I forgot to ask her what her name was! Fuck,fuck,fuck.

"Niall, for the fifth time, are you listening to me?!" Cynthia or whatever yelled.


Emma's POV 

I opened the car door, sat in the passenger seat and closed the door behind me. I let out a huge sigh. Of what,exactly? I'm not sure. I'm not sure about anything, actually. I came here not giving a single damn about One Direction and now I'm leaving here in love with Niall?! I really in love? I mean,I've never felt like this before. Every time I blink, I see his face. My stomach is currently overloading with butterflies. His fingertips were soft and made my body feel warm. He's not like other guys; he makes me feel special and unique. I think I do love him. I was so focused that I didn't notice Chanel sitting beside me and the engine revving. Oops. As she started to drive, she looked at me.

"Uhm, what was that?" she asked, putting her eyes back on the road. "Uhm, what was what?" I responded mimicking her.

We reached a red light. She turned to me. "Uhm, why did Niall fucking Horan ask you to stay longer when the beautiful Eva Longoria looking Chanel Parsons was right next to him?!" she yelled. I could tell that she was jealous.

"Maybe because...uhhh..." I started. I need a good lie and fast! "Because he wanted me to give him your number! Duhh, he was too shy to ask you personally," I said, satisfied with my lie.

"Hmm.." she nodded. "I do intimidate guys with my beauty," she said. Whatever, I muttered.

Finally, the light turned green and she looked back at the road. I laid my head on the cold window and decided to turn on the radio to save the situation from being awkward. '...tonight let's get some, and live while we're young. Hey, girl. It's now or never...' As I realized what song it was, I closed my eyes and felt a smile creep up my face. Yep, this is love.


Sorry, this chapter is short :( I'll make the next one longer, promise. Hope you enjoyed and please comments below :) Love you guys xxx

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