It's Meant to Be

Sometimes, you fall in love with somebody you would never even consider. But, love is love; unpredictable, yet beautiful. This is how my love story begins...


1. O N E

    "Emma, hurry up! I don't want to be at the end of the line!!!" yelled my older sister, Chanel. 

Niall Horan, yes, the one from One Direction, had publically announced on the radio that he would hold a speed dating segment at the public park at 6:00. "I've always said that I'd date a fan and this is my chance. Who knows, I might meet the one," he had said.

   "Calm down, I'm coming," I responded to my obnoxious older sister. My mother had forced me to "accompany" her.

 Chanel, being a hardcore directioner, didn't miss the occasion. In fact, she has been talking about this all day; how Niall would instantly fall for her, how her seductive gaze works every time...blablabla! I can't take it. I'm getting really sick and tired of all this One Direction fandom. What's so great about them, anyway? They're probably the kind of guys that are extremely cocky and think of your heart as a game. Urgh...boys.

 I sat in my sister's beat up Toyota, and closed the door behind me. This is going to be a long day, I thought. 

***At the park***

 Here I was, lining up with Chanel to meet the "fantastic" Niall Horan. Everybody was trying to get a glimpse of him.

   "Do I have to stay here?" I asked.

The line was advancing faster than I had thought; Before I knew it, we were fifth in line!  

   "You know the plan, Emma! Once it's my turn, go back to the car and meet me there," said Chanel.         "Whatever."

Third in line.

   "Emma, I really need to pee, like really badly!!" said CHanel in a hushed voice. If she doesn't get to meet Niall, who knows how crazy she'll get?

   "Go quickly," I tell her. "GO!" And off she was, sprinting to the nearest bathroom cabin. 

Second in line.

 I swear, if she doesn't hurry up, what the hell am I supposed to do?! I looked around to see if I could spot her anywhere. She was nowhere to be found. As I looked back towards the front, I noticed two guards in front me. They grabbed me by the arms.

   "Follow me, young lady," they said, leading me to a park bench. Niall was sitting, waiting patiently.     "No, no!" I started, "You don't understand. My sis-" and before I knew it, they had let go of my arms and Niall was in front of my eyes. He looked beautiful...

"Hey, babe," he said. I could feel my cheeks getting red. Wait...WHY AM I BLUSHING?!



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