It's Meant to Be

Sometimes, you fall in love with somebody you would never even consider. But, love is love; unpredictable, yet beautiful. This is how my love story begins...


4. F O U R

As I promised, I made this chapter longer...kinda. I'll see you soon. Bye, loves (:


Emma's POV

    I looked at my watch; The one that my grandmother had given me before she passed away. It was 8:57. How long has it been since I'd come home? Three hours? I don't know. Fuck math. Ever since I came home, I've been doing stuff I never would even consider doing! I listened to Take Me Home for the first time in my life and I have to say, the songs on there are pretty good. Amazing, actually. I even, searched them up on wikipedia. I discovered that Niall loves to me! As I was just about to search up "100 facts about 1D" on google, there was a knock on my bedroom door.

    "Emmanuelle, are you working on homework?" my mother yelled from the other side of the door. Hmph, does'nt she know that she's supposed to call me Emma?

    "Uhh, yeah! Almost finished!" I lied. Great. I almost forgot. Tomorrow would be Monday, aka: catch-up-on-homework-day. Not to mention that I also had to do Maya and Kayla's homework; the "it" girls at McPherson High. They treated me like trash and made me do their homework. If I ever refused to their commands, they'll tell the whole school about my secret. A secret even they shouldn't even of known about. They're the reason why I barely saw my friends, anymore. Urgh, popular girls.

  I wished I could stand up for myself. Just once. 

  You know what, I doubted Niall even liked me. We only saw each other for like 2 minutes and we barely even talked. He'd choose Kayla and Maya over me anyday. Besides, if he did like me, wouldn't the S.W.A.T team be stalking me or something?   I mean, after all, he is famous.

  Whatever. My mind needed to shut up. I had Spanish homework to do for me as well as two other people. Yay, me.

Niall's POV

    I finally got back home. As I laid on my bed, I took a quick glance at my phone. It was 9:32 p.m. I've spent about 3 hours at the park but it somewhat seemed to be a century! I put my hands behind my head and realized that my eyelids were getting heavier and heavier. Just as I was about to fall asleep, I felt my phone vibrate from my back pocket. 


   Harry :


Hey, mate. How did it go? Meet any bombshells I could use sometime? Haha! x 


  I hesitated before answering him. Should I tell him about the girl? The girl? The one who instantly took my breath away?


   To: Harry :


 hey, broo! it was soooo fkn boring, u cud hav all of them...except for this one girl. shes mine. ;)



To my surprise, Harry answered back instantly, as if he'd been waiting for me to reply.




 Ouu, Niall, I"ve never heard you talk like that before ;) Give me more details, is she fit? What's her name?


   To: Harry:

oh, shut up! and no shes not, shes gorgeous! she has long brown hair and brown eyes. I forgot to ask her for her name,though :$



Are you kidding me, Niall? I'll be over in 10. I'll help you find your "soul mate" :p ahaha


    That message made me laugh. I like the girl. Who said anything about soul mates?...yet.

   Within 7 minutes or so, I heard the front door open. Harry.

    "You're 3 minutes early," I joked, making my way towards him.

    "No time to play around. We have some research to do," he answered coldly. Wow, he seems to take this more seriously than I do. 

    "So," Harry said, interrupting my thoughts, "Has she said anything? Anything that might help us find her?"

    "Hmmm..." I said, trying to think, "Well, I don't know if I already told you this but her sister came along, at one point and-"

    "Really?...Is she fit?" Harry said, a half smirk appearing on his face,

    "I really don't think this matters right now." Harry gave me an apologetic look. "As I was saying, her sister came, she seems to be obssessed with us. She said her name was Chanel and that I have her number on twitter or something."

  There was a long-lasting silence. Then, Harry finally spoke.


  Is Harry even going to be help? Urgh, today was such a long day. I started to make my way towards the washroom.

    "Where are you going?" Harry asked.

    "Showering," I responded, "I need to relax a little bit. So much happened in so little time."

    "Alright, mate. Take your time."

  I have to be an idiot to trust this guy. But somehow, I always do. 



Harry's POV:


   I opened my laptop and started logging onto twitter. Once I did so, I clicked on the search box above and typed in, "Chanel". It's not that common of a name so it shouldn't be too difficult for me to find her...right? I press enter and see, about, ten results.

1. "Chanel Marjoraine; bio: J'adore la France." Okay, that's not her.

2. "Chanel Haber; bio: My husband and I have been together for more than 40 years and-" err, I don't think so.

3. "Chanel Horan; bio: i so totally love living here in london. One Direction is lifeee! i will marry niall! Id like so trade all of them for my sister like any day #teamfollowback woohoo" Um, maybe? 

I click on her.

  Besides all of her tweets that she sent to me and the rest of the boys and her phone number whom she's sent to Niall (which I took down), there was a tweet that captured my attention. 

    "@EmmaParsons ur like,the worst sister ever,emma.why dnt u take u and ugly face,climb all the way up the empire state building and jump off?" Harshhh...wait, did she mention sister? I tapped myself on the back. I did it. I found her. The girl. I instantly clicked on @EmmaParsons. I closely stared at her profile picture.

  Long brown hair?


  Brown eyes?




  She met all of Niall's descriptions! Just as I was about to go through all of her pictures, I heard footsteps coming closer and closer. Niall suddenly appeared with a towel around his crotch. 

    "Did you find anything?" he asked, water dripping down his nose. Instinctively, I closed my laptop. 

    "Uhh, no!" I shout, trying to sound convincing, "I don't think she has twitter. Sorry."

  Silence. And then, "It's not your fault," he says, looking like a kid without a present on Christmas day.        "Goodnight."

    "Goodnight," I reply. 

  Fine, maybe I lied just a little bit. But that girl is mine.



I know. I know. You wanna know what they look like, dontcha? lol this is Chanel.




And this is.....EMMA!

And they are the bad girls of McPherson High. Ladies and gentlemen, Maya and Kayla.

That's it for now, folks. More pictures will be uploaded next time! Don't forget to favorite/like/comment and follow? That'd be great. Love youu x

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