Why Can`t He Love Me???? (one direction fanfiction)

hey this is my first story so hope you like it!!!!!
Tesa Mark is a normal girl her and her best friend Victoria Jones(Vicky) live in England. Vicky is a singer signed to syco records and Tesa is a song writer dance coach and vocal coach for syco records. What happens when Tesa gets some new clients??? Will it be love??? Will there be heart break??? Read to find out..........</3


3. whoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!



                      Hey I`m Tesa Mark but you already know that!!! Well this morning my boss Simon Cowell saying I was getting a new client but he wouldn`t tell me who the client is I wonder why he`s  not telling me their name he won`t tell me their names. I already now their a star its kind of implied so  why not tell me who it is it`s not like I`m going to fangirl I don't do that at least I don`t anymore. So anyways I`m in the flat alone because Vicky is in the studio with Simon.

      "woohoo text message"

  It`s a text from Simon saying " You will be meeting the clients tomorrow @ Nandos restaurant at 3:00  o`clock P.M. wear something nice and watch out cause their a handful and a half!!! But you will need to be nice but don`t be to nice!!! No flirting with any of them!! That's final! Is that clear Miss Mark??? "

                  My text back says " Yeah I under stand no flirting but how many are there!!!"

                     His text back says " Good and there are 5 and yes they are boys!!"

                    My text back says " I think I know who it is!!" That was a lie but he doesn't need to know that.

                   His text back says " ooh really then tell me who it is!!!" oopps caught in the lie.

                   My text back says " Never mind I forgot who I thought it was!!"

                   His text back says " ok but I have to go to a meeting, remember tomorrow 3:00 o`clock P.M. wear something nice and be nice! PLEASE!!!"

               My text back says " yes sir and I`ll go shopping now"

                  His text back says " Ok but now I have to the meeting now good bye Miss Mark."

                   My text back says " Ok bye Mr. Cowell sir!!"

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