Why Can`t He Love Me???? (one direction fanfiction)

hey this is my first story so hope you like it!!!!!
Tesa Mark is a normal girl her and her best friend Victoria Jones(Vicky) live in England. Vicky is a singer signed to syco records and Tesa is a song writer dance coach and vocal coach for syco records. What happens when Tesa gets some new clients??? Will it be love??? Will there be heart break??? Read to find out..........</3


4. To Many Stars in One Room!!!!

~Vicky`s P.O.V~ Hey my names Victoria Jones but everyone calls me Vicky. So today I`m in the studio with my boss Simon Cowell working on my new song that I`m going to be singing with another singer. The song is called &quot;I can`t love you&quot;, it was written by my best friend roommate and song writer Tesa Mark I just call her Tess. Me and Tess have been friends since kindergarten on her first day at L.A. Elementary she was really nervous and I thought she was cool her sense of style was the best I still remember it like it was yesterday. ~flash back~ The most popular girl Mary Marten was bragging as usual about how many pairs of shoes and dresses and skirts that her daddy, the director of a big movie production, had gotten her that week. As usual I was sitting in the back of the class room drawing and writing song lyrics. Then Mary gasped as a girl with dark blue eyes and blondish brown hair walked in the classroom. She was wearing a light blue cardigan over a white and lime green tank top with a blue and lime green tie-dyed skirt and her hair was in perfect corkscrew curls. Oooh great another perfect preppy princess I thought. Lets just say I was a loner in school. As she walked in the room Mrs. Carter said &quot; class say hello to our new student Miss Tesa Mark I would like you to make her feel welcome and I would like Miss Victoria Jones to show her around for the next few weeks. Victoria can you please come up here really quick?&quot; So I waked up to the very front of the class and while walking I put my head down not daring to look at any of the populars because I know all to well what happens then and its not pretty. When I got to the front of the class the girls eyes are lime green. It was so weird because I could have swore that her eyes were dark blue a second ago. She put her hand out to shake mine and I slowly put my hand in hers and shook it then she said &quot;hi do you want to be friends&quot;
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