Why Can`t He Love Me???? (one direction fanfiction)

hey this is my first story so hope you like it!!!!!
Tesa Mark is a normal girl her and her best friend Victoria Jones(Vicky) live in England. Vicky is a singer signed to syco records and Tesa is a song writer dance coach and vocal coach for syco records. What happens when Tesa gets some new clients??? Will it be love??? Will there be heart break??? Read to find out..........</3


5. A/N

Hey guys this is the author Makenna!! I just wanted to say I'm so sorry for not updating!! My computer is broken and I can't type from my phone but I found out I can type and get on from my school because they haven't blocked the site that's a shock!! Hehe but at the moment I'm very sick 😢 it sucks!! I'm also going through some family issues so yeah but writing these stories lets me take out my sadness and anger!! So thank you for reading if you are reading and thank you for being patient with me!! I know I haven't been the best author and I've neglected to up date and all but I was supposed to have a Co-Author who was gonna help with updating it when I couldn't but I have no way to contact her and even though she excepted the offer we have no way in communicating!! So I'm finding a new Co-Author because I can't do this by myself!! I'm writing 2 stories on here then 3 on Wattpad so it's very hard, because I have writers block and dyslexia!! So if you want to be a Co-Author of this story then kik me my username is Taylor_419!! To be a Co-Author I need to see a story you have written I have to have a way to contact you and you have to have me in your fan list!! So yeah thnx so much for the 200+ reads!! That means a lot to me!! But give me some feed back I love to read your comments!! It makes me feel like you care!! But I don't get a lot of comments so if I get 6 more comments I'll do a contest for a new character!! So yeah!! Love your author Makenna because I absolutely love each and every one of you guys!! You mean so much or me!! If you ever need to talk don't be afraid to tweet me message me here or kik me!!



Love you my little skittles!! Hehe that's what I've named my story fans!!<33 So hehe your all skittles!! Love u guys!!<33

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