Why Can`t He Love Me???? (one direction fanfiction)

hey this is my first story so hope you like it!!!!!
Tesa Mark is a normal girl her and her best friend Victoria Jones(Vicky) live in England. Vicky is a singer signed to syco records and Tesa is a song writer dance coach and vocal coach for syco records. What happens when Tesa gets some new clients??? Will it be love??? Will there be heart break??? Read to find out..........</3


2. A/N



                            Sorry if you thought this was a chapter!!! Sorry but the last chapter was named wrong the next chapter is the chapter named whooooooo!!!! the last chapter was named About The Characters BTW this will probably be the only A/N I will have in this story because I know how annoying they can get when you have one after each chapter!!!!!

              I also want to give a shout out to cosmiclove<3 she gave me my very first comment and I`m very grateful for her comment!!!!!!! I also want to give a shout out to brookiethedirectioner just because we have the same real name LOL!!!!!!! sooooooooooooooo SSSSSHHHHHHOOOOOUUUUTTTT OOOOUUUUUTTTT!!!!!!!! and please comment with any Ideas feed back or to ask me to read your story because I will read any story that you ask me to but please put the name of your story in the comment!!!!



                                       Lots of Love

                                     ~Your Author Makenna


       P.S if any one would like to Co~Author this story comment the name of a story you wrote and I`ll read your story and you might be the one I choose to Co~Author!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

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