Arranged Marriage

I'm Sarah and this is how I ended up marring Justin Bieber.


7. Why?

It took me a while to register what he just said.


"Sarah, just tell me honestly. When were you going to tell me?" I could tell he was hurt. His quiet voice and soft blue eyes gave it away. 

I slowly let go of his hand, and placed them in my lap. I didn't know what to say. I knew I had to tell him, I still hadn't figured out how. 

"I was... going to tell you... I loved you Sarah. But I guess there's no point in that anymore." He got up and left the room.

"I love you too" I whispered, to quiet for him to hear. I love Ryan, but I never told him because I was afraid.

How am I supposed to tell him now? He wont believe me. 

It's for Pattie's happiness, I remind myself.


Three days later, we decided to go straight back home. We each filed into the private jet one by one. 

I took the last step into the jet and saw Ryan sitting. I just stood there staring at him. 

"Sarah, what are you standing there for, go in and hurry I'm tried. I wanna sleep." I heard Justin saying from behind me.

I looked away and slowly walked into the jet. I was going to go sit next to him, but thought again because he was still upset and angry. It was clearly written all over his face. 

So I sat down in a seat, got comfortable and took my headphones out of my purse. I took my IPod out and put my music on shuffle. I closed my eyes and tried to drown out the fact that I may not ever get a chance to tell Ryan I love him.

I couldn't sleep because my mind was too busy thinking of ways to explain the situation to Ryan. 

I know he understands how much Pattie means to me, but he wouldn't understand why I had agreed to Pattie's request. 

The flight only took a couple of hours but it was agonizing for me. I needed to explain the situation to Ryan before he said anything to Justin. 

Justin didn't know me and Ryan were dating because, well, it just never came up. I didn't have much time to tell him anything since he had been away for so long. But now I know I can't tell him because he would cancel the wedding. I couldn't do that to Pattie.


Its been a few days since we came back to California. We were sitting around in Pattie's bedroom discussing what the plan was to show the paparazzi. They wanted juicy insite on us; the big couple. 

Tomorrow we were going to an interview to really show the world who I was, or to show me as Justin's fiance. 

"Why don't we go on a 'vacation'?" Justin asked with air quotations. "What do you think Sarah?" 

"Hmm.. Yeah sure." I replied trying to act interested. 

My mind has been consumed with thoughts of Ryan. He still hasn't talked to me. He helped me with my bags when we returned, but that's the most interaction we've had since that night. 

He's been going out with some of his friends from Stratford that now live in California. 

I wish he could just understand. He would've done the same if he were in my position.

"How does that sound?" Scooter asked. 

"What?" I ask, highly confused.

"Please try to pay attention. You two will have to play hell of a role for the media to believe that you two have been together for quite and while. You really have to show that you love each other." Scooter explained to me for what felt like the hundredth time.

"Ok. Ok. I'm sorry. But I do understand. So where did you say you wanted to go?" 

"How 'bout we go to a couple of places. Like Disney World?" Justin suggested. 

"Yeah that would be nice." I replied. Maybe Ryan would like come along. Hopefully.

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