Arranged Marriage

I'm Sarah and this is how I ended up marring Justin Bieber.


4. Meet my bestfriend, Sarah

The next couple of days were spent planning. Many arrangements had to be made. First, Justin had to call Scooter to tell him the plans. Usually Scooter would argue but since he knew that circumstances he just agreed and we started planning on how we’d tell his fans.

Justin decided that he wanted to tell his beliebers that he was getting engaged by doing a concert and then proposing to me at the end of the show.

Considering Justin just came home from tour, we decided that we’d do a free concert in the place that Pattie wanted. Although, we had to make sure it was a country that Justin didn’t go to while on tour. Justin and Scooter made a list of places that were just covered during his tour, and Pattie and I made a list of places Pattie wanted the wedding to be held. It didn’t take too long, but all four of us decided on Mexico.  Justin hadn’t been there in a couple years and it was the easiest place to hold a free concert.

Once we knew what our plan was, Scooter got a hold of some important people in Mexico and we all got to packing to leave.


We reached the hotel at one in the morning. Me, Justin, Kenny and Scooter all got off Justin’s private plane and got into a limo that took us to the hotel.

I walked ahead of looking for our room, 201, with Justin walking behind me along with our bags with his bag and mine. We were sharing one hotel room, while Scooter, Pattie and Kenny shared another.

“What’s in your bag, rocks?” Justin whined from behind me.

“I’m a girl. You expect me to pack light?” I looked behind my shoulder laughing at him.

“I mean, you also did offer to hold my stuff”

“I was just being a nice friend. I didn’t actually mean it.” He said with a smile playing on his lips.

“Sucks for you, ‘cause I took it seriously.” I looked back at him smiling.

“Look I found the room, stop fusing.” I said as I took the hotel key room and inserted in into the look. I turned it slightly and heard the click of the lock opening. I slowly pushed the door open to be welcomed into a hotel room four times bigger than my bedroom. It looked like an apartment except bigger than you’d expect. There was one bedroom which had one massive bed in the middle and a sofa on the side. There was a huge walk in closet on the side.

“Hey, you know I could use a little help here.” Justin called from behind me. I walked out of the room to see Justin not even struggling with the bags. He threw my bag at me, but me being weak and clumsy, dropped it on the floor.

“You’re such a loser, gosh Sarah.” He said while laughing and taking his stuff to the room.

I stuck my tongue out and went to my bag to pick out my night clothes. I changed into a black tank top and a pair of short shorts then went to kitchen to get a glass of water.

When I went back to the room, Justin was already asleep in our bed. I climbed into bed and pulled the covers over me.

I turned my head to look at my best friend who I was supposed to marry soon. I said I would marry him, but I don’t think I want to… Was it wrong for me to say yes?  

Thinking about what it would be like when me and Justin actually got married kept me up all night.


“Aye Sarah, get up its 3 pm” I heard Justin while he was shaking me awake.

“Let me sleep man, I’m tired.” I slapped his hand awake and turned away from him while snuggling into my pillow more.

“Don’t make me throw water on you.” I heard him warn me.

Before I knew it I was splashed with freezing cold water. I bolted up off the bed shivering.


I heard Justin just laughing from the other room.

“I told you” He called out.

“Hurry up we have to go because I have to practise.  Now get your lazy ass off the bed and get ready. I’m giving you an hour at most.”

I got up off the bed, still freezing my ass off and went to the bathroom. I took a long shower, curled my hair and picked out something nice to wear since I was going to be onstage when Justin ‘proposes to me’. I did a little bit of makeup and went to the kitchen to find Alfredo.

“FREDO!” I ran up to him and gave him a big hug. I hadn’t seen him since Justin’s Believe Tour.

“Hey little one how are you?”

“I’m good, what about you? How’s everything going with you?”

“Good good little one.  Let’s go we’re making Justin here late” He winked at me and walked out of the hotel room.

All three of us walked out of the room, then out the hotel. Outside Pattie, Scooter, and Kenny were waiting all for us. We climbed into two different cars just so we don’t get too much attention drawn to us.

When we got to the place where the concert was going to be held, there were so many girls and it was so loud I felt like I was going to be deaf. I even saw some guys sprawled all over the floor with sleeping bags.

I sat back with Pattie while Justin practised.


After watching Justin perform to his fans with that beautiful smile sketched on his face, it was finally time for me to come on stage. I could see Justin just standing there looking out at the crowd, with a huge grin on his face. No one can bring that smile on his face like his beliebers.  

I could hear all the fans screaming “Justin! Justin! Justin!”

I watched as Justin talked to his fans.

“Guys, I love you all so much, and you’re all part of my life so I want you to be here when I do this. I want you all to meet my friend.” He turned and started walking backstage towards me.

“Come on Sarah, its time.” He gave me a small smile and took my hand.

“Guys, this is Sarah.” Justin introduced me to his fans as I stood there shaking. I hate attention and I was getting a lot of it right now.

I watched as Justin took me to the front of the stage and looked me in the eye and just nodded slightly.

He went down on one knee as the crowd screamed louder.

“Sarah, will you marry me?”


sorry for the really long wait. ive been really busy with school and stuff. i hope you like the chapter. please tell me what you think, this is one of my first stories.

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