Arranged Marriage

I'm Sarah and this is how I ended up marring Justin Bieber.


3. Me too

I sat there in silence and sheer shock. I would've never expected Pattie to ask me of this. I mean Justin and I are best friends. If we did this, it would be so awkward. What will he think? What do I say to her? What is he going to say? Does he already know? All these questions kept swarming around in my head. I tried to answer her but my voice was caught in my throat.

"P-Pattie" I gulped. I didn't know how to answer her question. "I-I-.." 

"Oh, honey. I know what you’re thinking. You and my son have grown up together. I know it’s hard for you to even think about dating him much rather than marring him. But I think you’re perfect for my son. And you both aren’t too young. You’re 23 and Justin’s 24." She paused giving me a little time to think about what she was asking for. “Please think about it" she said before she sighed and patted my hand a little. I kept her hands in mine and unconsciously tapping my thumb against her fingers. What am I going to do? If I just agree Justin probably would be disgusted because we’re just friends nothing more. Never were, never will be more than just best friends. I sighed thinking about the fact that we were just friends. Am I actually sad that Justin and I are just friends?  Am I actually concerned that we may never be more than friends?

Pattie took me out of my thoughts before I would actually admit my feelings to myself.

"Sweetie, can you please send Justin. I would like to talk to him if you don’t mind"

"Of course" I gently placed her hand down next to her fragile body and got up from the chair I was sitting on.

I walked out of the room to find Justin sitting against the wall. His arms were wrapped around his knees. He was looking at the doorway that I had just come through, with a blank expression. Even when I walked next to him he didn't speak a word, so I just slid down the wall and sat next to him. There was a silence between us. Not an awkward silence, but silence that held the utmost pain.

I knew I had to give an answer to Pattie soon, but I don’t think I would actually be able to marry Justin. I mean, I love him, but only as a brother and a friend. I think it would just be wrong to date him and to marry him…. Well that’s more than I've ever thought about.

But as I sat there I remember the time when I actually had a crush on Justin. Back when we were 16. I would never make the mistake of telling him I like him ever again.

I was so caught up in my own that I didn't realize Justin was crying next to me. I looked up to see Justin’s beautiful face was now tear stained. Those once cheerful eyes now carried sadness and worry. That precious little smile of his had disappeared. I slid closer to him and hugged him. He hid his face in my shoulder while I gently stroked his hair.

"Shh, isn't okay. All we can do right now is everything to make her happy. We just gotta make sure she stays happy. Yeah?" I brought his face up to see his reaction. He just nodded and looked down at his fiddling hands.

"She wanted to see you. I think she has something to tell you."

He silently nodded again, wiped the tears off his face, got up and walked into the room.

Justin’s POV

After I finished talking to the doctor I realized that my mother didn't have much more time left. In a couple of weeks her birthday is coming up and Doc said that she’d at least be there for her birthday. So now I just got to think of something that I could do to make this…. last birthday…. the best birthday she’s ever had.

I started crying as I realized this is her last birthday I will get to spend with her.

I put my head on my knees and couldn't help but let the tears leak.

didn't recognize Sarah’s presence until she pulled me into her. I could smell her perfume. She had sprayed on my ‘Someday’ perfume. I couldn't believe she bought a new bottle. When I first released the perfume Sarah told me that it was her favourite perfume and that she’s always have a bottle of that perfume with her. I guess she wasn't kidding. Back then I thought she just said it to make me happy.

Sarah was saying something but I was too numb to hear it, I just nodded and started fiddling with my fingers.

“She wanted to see you. I think she has something to tell you." She said with a little smile on her face.

I made sure to wipe all my tears before I entered the room again. I didn't want my mom to see me crying because she’d get too worried and right now she should be worrying about herself and not me.

 When I came into the room she was looking at a picture of me and Sarah when we were younger. The day of my 17th  birthday. The day Sarah’s father died in a car crash. I still remember the nights I stayed up with her just to make sure she was okay. The sadness her eyes held those couple of nights after the accident have now returned due to her seeing mom’s condition.

“Hey mom. What’s up? You asked Sarah to send me in.  Are you alright?” I asked her as I made my way to the chair that Sarah was sitting in before.

“What do you think of Sarah?” Mom asked as if she was talking about some stranger.

“….what do you mean by that?”

“Exactly that”

I don’t know what to say, I mean she’s my best friend.

“Mom, she’s my best friend”

“I know you two are best friends and this maybe a little weird for you, but I want you to marry Sarah” she said calmly waiting for my reaction.


“Because you both are still young but not too young were you can’t get married. I know that I won’t be here much longer, honey, and all I want is to know that you found someone and settled with them. Sarah is the best girl for you. She knows you better than anyone. She knows you for you and not ‘Justin Bieber’

I’m sure that you could find someone else late on, but I want to see my baby getting married. Please Justin. Think about this okay?”

I sat there in silence trying to take in what she was saying to me.

Marry Sarah? Marry my best friend?

Sitting there, just thinking about the answer to my mom’s question brought me to think about Sarah. All the years that we spent together, having sleepovers, movie dates, going on tour together; I never really thought about Sarah more than just a friend. But if I did I realized how beautiful she actually was. Her gorgeous long, brown hair that reached her waist. Her hair looked especially nice when she curled them. And her eyes, they’re beautiful. The way they light up when she smiles, the way the sparkle in the moonlight.

Maybe it won’t be too bad. You know…. marrying her.

I also thought, if I don’t agree to this then my mother wouldn't be at my wedding and I could never enjoy my wedding if she wasn't there. So I agreed. I guess… I would be marrying Sarah.

I wonder if she knows and if she agrees?

 “Thank you Justin.” She said before she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Once I knew my mom was deep in her sleep, I got up from the chair and walked outside her room. I closed the lights and closed the door half way in case she needed me.

didn't find Sarah so I assumed she would be in her room. But as I was walking down the long hallway I saw Sarah standing there with her arms crossed across her chest.

“Me too” she whispered.

“Me too”


sorry for the wait. if you read it, please tell me what you think (:

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